A Vintagey Outdoor Table

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While watering my plants the other day, I remembered last year at this time I had tons of hydrangeas... enough to steal quite a few.... and this year none.  I remembered that I had done a guest post for Heather last year around this time using those same abundant hydrangeas, so I thought I would share that with you in case some of you didn't see it last year... 

Since it is so close to Father's Day, I wanted to do a little entertaining post.  Who says that dads don't care about nice looking surroundings?  My Mr. Hughes loves vintage finds and likes when I fluff the house. So, I designed a table and a menu with things I know he would like.  And, with the exception of a few new finds, everything was found around our home, so this was a very thrifty project.  You could easily change a few things to make this party your own, be it a Father's Day Cookout or a nice little Garden Tea.

This gives you an overall view of the table... I set up outdoors because it has a very garden look to it.

I made some moss "chargers" by forming some sheet moss into a tray and putting some pressure on it, then I just lifted it out of the tray and placed it on the table. It stayed together quite nicely.  

I added some of my vintage ironstone plates... if you don't have any ironstone, check your local Goodwill for some vintage restaurantware  or just use some of your own plates.  I added a length of vintage black and white ribbon to play off of the little oval dishes that hold the silverware.

Which is vintage as well.... some people think it is a little yucky to eat with tarnished flatware, so you may want to have backups for the less adventurous guests.

I stenciled some vintage napkins that had a handkerchief look to them with some numbers because I am a little crazy about numbers.  Then I tied a vintage pocket watch face to them, creating a ring.  Embellish it with a pheasant feather and you have a very masculine table setting.

I found these great birch covered planters (my new splurge) at Scarlett Scales.  I only say splurge because they were the one purchase I made for this... they were quite affordable. I love them and already have another party coming up that I will use them for.  The little glass jars are great... they have a crown on them.  I just filled them with sand and added a candle.

The hydrangeas were from our garden.  If your Mr. isn't the flowery type, it would be great to fill these planters with herbs... fragrant and pretty.

I think I may do a version of this again for this weekend for some friends we are having over.  If only I had those hydrangeas!!
And, since I pulled this from the vault, it looks like my siggy isn't working.  Oh well... off to get some pieces finished before the hyena wakes up.

Bye for now!


  1. This is perfection! I love it all, the moss chargers are so cool under the ironstone and on the great wooden table, the perfect outdoor dinner party! Your booth looks fabulous too, I love the organ keys hanging on the wall and that sign? If my hubby could make that I would think about selling it too, just knowing that I wouldn't miss out on one in my home! xoxo

  2. How *awesome* is this??? Love, love, LOVE it! Every detail...the birch...the ironstone...the hydrangeas...it is all just lovely. So when should I be over to have lunch on this fabulous table? Is around 1:00 ok? Hee...hee!


  3. i am in love with that setting!!!! the tree limb vases are the best!!! when can i come over?

  4. Michelle,

    I wish you could sell your time or lease your talent on Etsy. I'd have you headed to NJ next weekend. I am planning a surprise birthday party for my mother and am in panic mode. So much to do. So little time. Your table is gorgeous and so inspiring.

    Your Friend,

  5. So beautiful, how could I have missed this last year. The moss chargers really make the setting!

  6. Amazing Michelle! This looks incredible!! I was thisclose to using moss chargers for my wedding decor. I absolutely love the refined rustic look and you've perfected it here!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, the setting has a really peaceful feel. I love hydrangeas as they remind me of my Nana who had huge pots of them out the front of her house.


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