Meet Hazel

Hello there.  We did something a little crazy this week... not really crazy.  Just a little.  You see, I have been wanting something for awhile... not a Vespa, but I want one of those too.  Nope, I have been wanting a little camper.  Not that I camp.  I like the outdoors and we are outside quite a bit, I just like to sleep in my bed, with my pillows.  I just want one to decorate and possibly have a mobile Vintage Junky booth.  Wellll, Mr. Hughes found an a great little camper on craigslist and now....

.....Meet Hazel!

She was born in 1963 and has been all over the Southeast.

Check out her sweet colors!!
Ignore the little hyena that was so enamored that he threw a fit when Mr. Hughes left to park her at a friend's house.  We can't have her in our subdivision... I know some of you are thankful for subdivision rules because of neighbors like us!

She sleeps 2... we will remove the mattress and just turn this area into a bench seating area.

And here is the little dining area..... the table fell down on the trip over... you can also sleep here too.
There is no stove or potty or sink.

So... what do we have planned for Sweet Hazel?  We are thinking that when she isn't on official Vintage Junky business we will rent her out for photo shoots and birthday parties and such.  We have big plans for this lady.  But, first, as fine as she is, she will need a little spiffing up... so here are a few inspiration photos from my board on pinterest

She will have a bunting, of course!

This is what we have planned for her most of the time... a little booth on the go.

Love this!  Maybe we will take out the table top and add a fun little table.

I love the color combo here!!!  I think we will use yellow with the awesome aqua that she already has. In fact, I have some yellow fabric to make some itty bitty curtains.

I love her!!  I can't wait to put our own stamp on her... a little less retro... a little more us.
If you guys have any inspiration for Hazel's makeover, please send it on!  There are some great photos on pinterest.  We want to have her all spiffed and ready to go by August for baby hughes' birthday... his 3rd.  It is a train theme and he seriously thinks Hazel is his "caboose!"  I only have one regret... that Mr. Hughes sold our Jeep Wagoneer... Gabe would look great with little Hazel following behind.. oh how I miss Gabe *tear*

Well, that is all for today... I will be back tomorrow for a very special Friday Etsy Favorites... lets fix Hazel up etsy style!

bye for now!


  1. Love it!! such a cute camper!!

  2. GET OUT!! (Ok, if you ever watched Seinfeld you will totally get that! hee...hee!)

    I have been looking for one, too!! No luck yet...but I know I will have one by summers end! I just know it! I am soooo jealous!

    Can I invite myself over for sleepovers??


  3. I love hazel too. Yes I see the possibilities and what fun to decorate and fix up. Fabulous Summer project.

    bella with

  4. Hazel is gorgeous and the PERFECT color! She's in really good shape for her age too! You lucky duck!

  5. Can we borrow this to take hunting?? Just kidding of's too cute!!!!

  6. I am jealous!1 I have wanted one for years now! It look like it's in pretty good shape. Have fun fixing it up!

  7. Super cute! I just did a blog post on my lil trailer...but I have her up for sale on ETSY(of all places)!

    I love the colors u r bright and cheery. I used a futon mattress in the folds to make it a sitting area..then I use it as a mattress when its bed~time. Have a blast with her!

  8. You guys are so cool! We have been talking about renting one to camp in. Hazel would be extra special!

  9. Oh wow!!! You had some BIG news up your sleeve :)
    I love Hazel, she is so perfectly retro, cannot wait to see what you guys do with her!

  10. Love those trailers.
    Following you on Blogger.
    - Rob

  11. I am so jealous! I want one so bad and I also have the same idea.

  12. This is so much fun, can't wait to see what you do with "her" !

  13. I am so jealous I can't stand myself right now! Hazel is gorgeous, I am crazypants for her!!!! You're lucky but oh is that sassy Miss Hazel lucky TOO! :) Can't wait to see how she evolves!

  14. Oh my goodness, I just adore this camper and your inspiration photos are perefct....I love the cupcake one, that would suit me perfectly! How lucky you are! Xoxoxo =)

  15. That is like REALLY REALLY cool!

  16. hooray for re-purposing vintage campers!!!!
    i love hazel! she's already cute, but once you are done with her she's going to be amazing.

    p.s. i love seeing YOU on your blog now. super duper cute pic.


  17. Eeeeek! Hazel is stinkin' awesome! You are going to have so much fun!

  18. Michelle,

    How exciting is this?! What a wonderful project and business investment, not to mention fun. Looking forward to the transformation.

    Your Friend,

  19. I think my whole body just turned green!!! I want one too! It is GORGEOUS!!!! My favourite colour too! You are going to have such fun decorating it! I can't wait to see what you do! X

  20. OMG Michelle....I love her! I have been searching Craigslist for almost a year here in NJ and nothing. She is the perfect color...I cant wait to see what you do with her!

    Lucky 7 Design

  21. Love this! Live vintage trailers...want one so bad. Yours is adorable, what a find! Great idea to have a booth in there. I want one to just hang out in, in my back yard. Hmmm, wonder if my neighborhood has rules about that? You will have so much fun decorating! Check out these books for inspiration:

    Ready To Roll - Douglas Keister
    My Cool Caravan - Jane Field Lewis/Chris Haddon
    Airstream Living - Bruce Littlefield and Simon Brown
    Sisters On The Fly - don't know author but look up by title on Amazon

    Enjoy that awesome trailer!!!

  22. Adorable!!! I am so happy for you and a little jealous. I have been dying for one. I had visions of a rolling junkmobile too. Can't wait to see what you do with her!!!!

  23. Oo, oo, oo, I wish I could show you the little vintage camper they had in the Cath Kidston catalogue. Maybe I can find the picture on their website ... have to go look!!

  24. This is the cutest thing ever!!!!! I want one.


  26. I'm so stinking jealous!!!!! Oh my word Hazel is the cutest.... she is going to shine being owned by you!!!! Oh my gosh I simply can't get over my excitement for you,

  27. I think that Hazel looks pretty darn cute in our yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We might have to take a vacation in the backyard. Carol and Bubba

  28. Eeek! She is gorgeous!!!! Love her, love her colour. I rescued our old wooden caravan from being sold in a clearance auction (I am sure if would have gone for $10 as my dads old FJ Holden went for $2 - was so sad). Have some great memories of holidaying in it. I am sure you will create some wonderful memories also, great idea to use it as a mobile booth. Very envious!

  29. oh my too...i want hubs thinks im nuts. saw one, maybe smaller and he wouldnt even stop the car for me to take a look (i want a vesa, too...seafoam green). cant wait to follow tge transformation.

  30. I know that hazel will be adorable after all the remodeling , you such good inspirations that helps you. Can't wait for result.

  31. Hello,
    I found your super cool blog whilst I was looking up camper birdhouses. Surprise surprise, you are into Vespas too, I just acquired my 1966 Sears /Vespa last summer. They are great fun, get yourself one and smile even more than you do now.
    Check out my Vespa at

    All the best, Sir Paul.

  32. the idea of the big burlap bow...and deterr the rusty stuff on beautifully REDONE seats...I will be stealing the idea...but then I saw Hazel...and I had to read,you see my Grandmother was Hazel...powerful little package.....that was fun,and a bit strict...her scots upbringing....great fun and I know your Hazel will be a blast...sweet Hubby too


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