A Few More Photos from the New Booth

Hello everybody!
Hope you had a great weekend!  We were mostly at home working on booth projects in between nose wiping.  I think the hyena is on the mend.....nothing a little guacamole and bubbles can't fix at this point.  We are having a late, late dinner outside tonight.  We don't keep normal people hours, you know.
Friday was busy for me... I went to all three booths to fluff during baby hughes' nap...it was really fast fluffing!
And I got to meet some of my booth neighbors at City Farmhouse....
hi Delia and Lisa (if you are reading!)
Their booth was looking pretty fantastic when I was heading out the door.

As promised, I thought I would share a few more photos that were missing from the lineup the other day....the lighting was not so good in the afternoon... who am I kidding?  I don't really know what to do with Mr. Hughes' camera!

Mr. Hughes didn't get many closeups the other day so that is what I wanted to share this time...
a suitcase full of vintage letters... most of them from WWII... they have great airmail envelopes too!

I almost didn't let this sign go.  Good thing I live with the sign painter and can probably sweet talk him into making me another.

I wish I could get a better photo of this display piece... the Mr mounted 3 old worn out drawers to these great twirly table legs and then I filled it with moss and then displayed books and great ironstone pieces.

Mr. Hughes made some table runners out of old player piano rolls...
and also found a surprise in the stack of vintage letter.... someone had clipped the postmark/ stamp from a bunch of letters and had saved them in an envelope.  Instant confetti!

I rolled up some vintage photos and put them in some bottles... I have always liked that look.

The organ keys... another thing that I got pretty attached to while they were in the house... I love black and white vintageness.  Mr. Hughes made those fern prints too... he is pretty crafty/handy/creative.

A few pieces have sold since the booth opened, so I got busy to get some more pieces ready... and here is a sneak peek of a few things we took out today...

There will be more finished this week.... as soon as I get some paint. Which is first thing on the list for tomorrow.
I had better leave you here... my little guy is running around screaming fire!fire!fire! Yep, he is feeling better!
(no worries... it is just the grill)

bye for now!


  1. I love those piano keys! I had some once and I sold them, wish I hadn't after they were gone!

  2. Michelle,

    You and the Mr. are amazing. I think it's wonderful that you are a team. I love this space, and Im sure everyone will love the keys but I especially do because I played piano and a little girl and I too love the black/white loveliness.

    I hope you are enjoying your time, I would love to visit your spaces some day!

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. Okay...can I just say...I'm so lovin' your booth space. It looks amazing!

  4. Hello! This is Lisa, your booth neighbor! :) I'm sooo enjoying looking through your blog and seeing all the "behind the scenes" inspiration and fun/work that goes into making your booth so cute! Your stuff is amazing! It was fun to meet you the other day, maybe we'll run into each other again soon!

  5. Hi Lisa... I am not sure if you will read this or not, but I enjoyed meeting you too! Thanks so much for the compliment and hope to see you soon!!
    xo~ Michelle


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