Plead my case!

Hello all!  
Thanks for all of your input on my last post about the embroidery sampler.
I think I will get it and a book... so if anyone would like to suggest a good beginner book, that would be so helpful. But, just so you know... I couldn't learn to knit from a diagram, so I will need a very detailed but elementary book.  And I will probably watch a lot of youtube videos too!

I think we may have discussed that I am a little bit spoiled. But, I don't beg and whine to get things...obsess, maybe... but no whining.  
Today, I need you to whine for me.  
I am serious.
Mr. Hughes went to auction the other day and got a set of 8 antique dining chairs.  Yeah, yeah, I thought.  He says.... they are pretty.... yeah, yeah. I like the ones I have.
Then, he brings them home...
He wants me to give them a little makeover and put them in the booths.
I can't.

I love them.  They have to stay here... right here.
Aren't they perfect... they have a sassy pair of front legs too.
I am supposed to be up before them this morning painting 2 of these chairs for the booth.
So, before he brings me 2 more home from storage, I need you to beg and plead and whine on my behalf... I just think they are perfect for us.

Perhaps the jury needs another view...
And, just in case it raises arguments, I can still use those slipcovers that I had to have.... They will fit these better.
C'mon ladies (and a few gents)... help me out here!
oh and the plan would be to recover them... right now they are in a crunchy vinyl... I know... "crunchy".... I am thinking there is horse hair under the vinyl.
I am undecided on painting them if the Mr. says yes.  My heart says yes, paint them!  And so does my head for that matter.  If that offends all you purists out there and keeps you from pleading my case, just know that they will be painted if I sell them too.
Okay, I am counting on you.  No, really I am.

bye for now!

He caved!  heehee!  Thanks for the fuel ladies!  Off to find some great fabric for the seats ~ xo ~


  1. Michelle! I have 2 of what looks almost identical chairs that Im about to makeover myself for a chalk paint contest and then for my outdoor market show. Im going to be putting a pic up on FB shortly...omg how funny! PlS doing a big Chalk Paint giveaway 2mrw on the blog, you should come and enter!

    TO MR HUGHES: They really are fabulous chairs, and I REEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY think that Michelle would love to have them at home. Im not a good whining more of at obsessing like your Mrs. My husband usually just gives in so Im hoping you might do the same! lol

    Hope you get to keep your chairs Michelle!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. lcrump93@gmail.comJune 21, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    Oh, Mr. Hughes, PPPPPLEASEE let her keep them!! They are such a great find!! She promises to take REALLY good care of them!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. Keep the chairs!

    The Reader's Digest Embroidery book is the best. There a link to the book (below) but I suggest that you wait and buy it from a local chain with a 40% or 50% coupon. I got mine for under $20! Good luck!

  4. They're completely totally perfect, and yes!, paint the heck outta them!


  5. Definitely KEEP!! They're perfect and you will regret getting rid of them!

  6. oh must keep them! ;) they look so very lovely in your dining room. good luck!

  7. I was just about to help plead your case.... I'm soooooo excited for you and they do look soooooo good in your room!!!! Yippy!!!!

  8. Ok, I love your profile picture. Please don't tell me Kim took this of you at City Farmhouse...I brought some new things in the other day and she said she had to have a photo of me then and there for the website. I had no makeup on and my hair was awful with a capital A. Not cute at all!!! Maybe she or the website designer or whoever is in charge will let me replace it soon! Anyway--enough whining. I love the chairs and you should definitely keep them!

  9. You didn't even show them the best part, the curvy front legs.

  10. I am impressed Mr H actually reads your blog for a start.... anyway, LOVE those chairs and NOTHING is sacred!!! PAINT!!!!!! They look perfect your dining room! X


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