Friday Etsy Favorites *Camper Love*

hellllooooo! And happy Friday to you!  If you missed my earth shattering news from yesterday, you may want to Meet Hazel first.  For those others, let's get down to business... Hazel needs a makeover (as pretty as she is) and I think I am going to need some things from etsy. 
 So, let's find some *Camper Love*

First of all, Hazel needs a sign like this!  She is a friendly lady so it just suits her

Since I was thinking of using maps as a wallcovering for her anyhow, this print is perfect!

I found this great shop through Mary at Urban Farmgirl... a great little shop!  They use vintage molds to recast some iconic shapes such as these gnomes and owls in white.  I love them... I have had the owl cookie jar in my faves since I found them and recently decided that Hazel needs a gnome.  

I love this sweet, yellow print.  Hazel is getting some yellow!

And what about this vintage camper toy?  Too cute!!!
found~ franz66

I think she also needs some vintage postcards hanging up.  Love these!

How cute is this little birdhouse?  

I am also thinking she needs a guest book for when we rent her out
found~ PigseyArt

 I hope you have a great weekend... we are off to the flea in just a little bit.  I am hoping we will find some great treasures for Hazel!
bye for now!


  1. Love the map camper, what an awesome idea!

  2. those gnomes are fab! i love the little owls they have in their shop. i think i might need to add one to my collection. ;) happy friday friend!

  3. LOVE THEM- especially the cute little bird house, looks just like your new camper.

  4. You totally need to buy the bird house. I'm going to order an owl cookie jar right now to keep my coffee pods in.

  5. It's all cute! Enjoy sprucing up Hazel, sooo adorable!!!

  6. You & Hazel are living my dream!

    PS Really cute pic of you :-)

  7. Oh, soooo jealous!! Love Hazel!! Can't wait to see her when you get her all done up.

  8. What can I say? I'm in love with Hazel! After seeing her, I have now decided that I NEED to have a sweet little camper too. Does Hazel have a sister?

  9. Wowza! You sure do know how to pick em. Congratulations on Hazel - she's darling.

  10. Hazel is just about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time, and she is PERFECT for you! And look how adorable you are in your picture on the side. Love it.

    Can't wait to see how you fix her up.


  11. Holy tamoly....just found your cute blog through my strawberry patch peep!! I bought that camper toy this week on easy!! It was a had to have. Also, I am a painter and have painted several times a camper like your adorable one. You gotta go see sometime! I'm totally loving your bog and will be back.


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