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Hello all!
I am back after a bit of an unscheduled break.  I know, I know, I teased some of you with this post and didn't deliver as soon as I expected.  But you see... I have been a bit busy.  Well, me and the Mr. have both been busy.

We opened a new booth at City Farmhouse in Franklin...actually right next door to my booth at Winchester... and also where he purchased my clock.  There was a great spot available and we just decided to go for it.  And, since it is a bigger, more square space, I needed to get several pieces ready. 

So, since we didn't have a babysitter or a way to keep baby hughes entertained for several hours there, I armed him with a very rough drawing (yes, I went to design school and I know how to draw in perspective, but I choose not too!!) and a whole trailer full of new vintage stuff!

Mr Hughes took some quick photos so I could see how it turned out... I am planning on going there this weekend and making just a few tweaks, but for the most part, he executed my vision!

I am not really big on themes, but I sort wanted to incorporate 2 that flowed into each other.
When he came home with the organ, I knew that we would do some music type things with sheet music and organ pulls.  He stripped the organ and turned it into a desk!  And then he mounted the keys for a really cool vintage wall accent.  We also used some vintage music teaching aids as posters on the walls.

This buffet is just screaming to be in a farmhouse kitchen.... and it has a antique player piano roll that we turned into runners.

I also wanted sort of a vintage travel thing going on... you know, old maps, suitcases, postcards... that sort of thing.  So I decided to have him cover one whole wall with vintage maps.

I recovered this Louis XVI in a pale blue linen with a light, light grey paint on the wood.

This is a really cool display piece that Mr. Hughes designed.... I filled all the boxes with moss and then filled them up with restaurant ware and books and packets of great vintage papers.

This is another way that we used the pieces from the organ... I stole the knobs from this piece to put on the little blue piece... what to do??  Well, just use those organ knobs as pulls for the dresser (Betty, if you are wondering.)  I also put some vintage photos in some vintage bottles.

I love the font on them... so pretty!

He also created this frame with a woven rope and metal clip system to showcase some great heraldry prints.

All in all, I think he did an amazing job in mid day Tennessee heat putting this together.  Now, I wouldn't be me if I said that there weren't just a few things that I am wanting to tweak to make it just like my vision.  And some photos that I want to take to show you more of the details of some of the displays that we put together.  
One thing that I wanted to point out that we didn't get an actual booth photo of is this bench that Mr. Hughes Frakensteined together... I think it is incredible! 

We took a Frenchy bench frame and instead of upholstering it, Mr. Hughes created a sanded barn wood seat.
(by the way... isn't our "grass" lovely?!?)

I think it is a great look (the bench, not the grass!)
It is makes the bench a little less sweet with the barn wood.  It would make an awesome coffee table too... don't think that I haven't thought about keeping it!

And, this sweet little piece...

When I found it, it had lived a former life royal blue. It was pepto pink.  Now, this little smoke stand is grey with a fresh little cross on the door.  Perfect in a tiny half bath for an extra roll of toilet paper.  And that little indention on top that used to hold an ashtray... well, that seems to be perfect to nest a bowl full of pretty soaps.

I will take more photos this weekend when I am there... like I said, the Mr. just quickly took some at the end of the day so I could see for myself.  So you will have to put up with more booth stuff soon 

On another note, Vintage Junky is on Facebook now, so if you want to pop by there and like me and stroke my ego a bit, I won't stop you!  Ha!
There, I will post photos of each piece of furniture and which booth they are in.

Okay, that is all folks... my little sick hyena is about to wake up from his nap and he especially wants his  momma.  I will be back soon... Pinky Promise!

bye for now!!


  1. Wow girlie! You just jumped right in to the SAHM job :) You are a lil tazmanian the new booth.
    Dont you just love it when our hubbies execute our crazy "visions"? Love em...
    That bench! rocks. I think I woulda kept it if I were you!!
    Hope the lil man feels better - XOX

  2. Wow, what a great space! I have to admit I'm liking the vintage map wall. Too neat! I also love the idea of turning an old organ into a desk and the keys look great hanging on the wall as art! What a great way to salvage an old piano or organ that is unsalvageable as an instrument but also has family history. Great space design!

  3. yay...congrats on your new space! love all the pieces! wish i lived near you so i could stop by for a visit. ;)

  4. Love the new space! You two make a great team.

  5. Looks great!! I soooooo wish I was close by and could stop in!

  6. good for you!!! and i especially love that awesome french bench with the planked wood- it looks fantastic!

  7. I so wish I could come visit your booth, so many lovelies! Have a fantastic day! Xoxoxo

  8. Such lovely things, I don't even know where to start!! Gah, I wish I was closer to TN for this reason only--seeing you and your beautiful wares in person. Just gorgeous!

  9. You are so creative - the organ transformation, the organ knobs, the keyboard - and then to have your new booth put together so well - amazing.
    - Joy

  10. Wowza I am in vintage heaven. Love the buffet and bench and no not the grass.

  11. Did I read that correctly? You sent your husband with a drawing and a trailer full of vintage stuff and he set it all up? He is my idol!

  12. Love your new booth space... I could do some serious shopping there! Kuddos to your Mister... how many husbands could/would do such a great job setting up? And I love the bench makeover, too!

  13. Congrats Michelle! I can't wait to see the new space.
    Donna G

  14. Wow - it is looking GREAT ! I'm so impressed and live nearby (just for another month) so I've got to come see it!

  15. Wonderful shop! Love anything vintage music. That organ is fabulous!! Good luck with your new shop!

  16. So exciting! The space looks gorgeous!

  17. Wow! It all looks lovely! I need to get over to Franklin and check it out!!


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