Sometimes it is good to be a hoarder...

 Hello there!
It is raining here... finally!  So I think I may take a quick nap.  
Did you know that stay at home mom's still get up early... to paint before their hyena wakes up?  Neither did I, but I am tuckered out today. I have been painting every free moment I get... I will show you some new pieces soon.  I just wanted to pop in really quick and show you something I made for the Winchester booth from Mr. Hughes' stash.
Yes, he has a bit of a problem with paper... he sort of hoards it.
Amongst other bits and bobs of stuff.
So, I decided to raid it and find some thing to fill some frames that were old and beat up looking...but not in a good way.

So I basically painted the frames my new favorite blue and distressed them as usual.
Mr. Hughes pulled these great maps the other day from vintage encyclopedias for me to line some drawers of a new desk that I was working on.  I decided that I wanted to use some since the color was perfect for the frames.
Then, I remembered how the Mr. bought these butterfly wings off of ebay awhile ago... what's that?  Your husband doesn't buy bug wings off of ebay...hmmmm 
And then I raided a box of old letters to make a little mixed media art.

The butterfly bodies are made out of a piece of twisted jute (my stash... I have a problem with ribbons and strings!)
I love how they turned out.  If they don't sell, I am sure I can find a good spot here for them.
If you happen to want to make these yourself with the wings that your husband bought off ebay, be careful placing the wings... they are quite delicate and want to stick to you like they have static in them... use tweezers and the tiniest amount of glue.

Okay... I am going to try to take a nap while the hyena is napping.... I don't know that our weather radio is going to let me though!

bye for now!


  1. Pretty little project. I love the way they turned out!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. Very cute, love the butterfly!

    Enjoy your nap. I remember those days.


  3. Wow a hyena AND a hubby that buys bugs on ebay? you hit the jackpot! LOL

    Love the project! Might do something like that minus the butterfly.

  4. i love that your husband bought butterfly wings! how fun! : ) and your frames look lovely- of course!

  5. These are gorgeous! I want one, how can I buy one? Seriously.

  6. LOL! You are so funny, Michelle! A hubby that buys butterflies is a keeper in my book! :) And your pictures turned out so pretty! What a clever, creative gal you are! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. you're an artist lady! those turned out fantastic. i'm glad your man is a hoarder. ;)

  8. That's such a good idea! Are you considering putting them in your etsy shop? I think they will sell like hotcakes! BTW, take as many naps as you need to, and DO NOT let yourself feel guilty! You will work out a comfortable routine for all three of you. Now it's still new, give yourself time to adjust

  9. These are so cute! I have such a *thing* for maps, I use them all over. And take a nap for me today, will you please? I am getting ready for the biggest garage sale of my life tomorrow...ugh. Why is it so much work for such a small amount of money?? ;o)


  10. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Im pretty sure they will most definitely seel. Such a pretty idea for using maps.

    Lucky 7 Design

  11. OH so pretty! How funny -- I guess you really CAN buy just about anything on Ebay!


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