Friday Etsy Favorites *The Ring*

Hello all!  Happy Friday to you!
Thanks so much on all the well wishes on the new booth opening
I haven't gotten around to answering all the emails/ comments yet.... I have had a pretty sick, clingy little hyena the past few days.  His cough is awful.
So, I am up before the Mr. and the baby to get some pieces painted and to share some etsy favorites... ha!!  You thought I quit telling you how to spend your hard earned dollar on etsy... no such luck!
I am continuing my imaginary wedding series that I started with
*The Dress* 
Maybe this one should have come first... and before you think that I am not satisfied with my rock, let me assure you, I am!  It is pretty and vintage looking and a tasteful size.
But, what girl doesn't like a rock?
So, I present to you (down on one knee)
*The Ring*

wow... I love the center stone... I adore yellow sapphires/ diamonds.  So pretty and vintage-y

I think this combination of the aquamarine and the rose gold deserves a "yes"
So pretty... would also be a pretty right hand ring.

This smoky diamond is simply gorgeous!

Now this ladies, is a true vintage ring.  
Love the details and while I am a white gold kind of girl, I love the antique color of this gold pared with the aquamarine.

Another antique ring, this one has a great art deco feel... very The Great Gatsby
found~ edmdesigns

Another 1920's beauty... look at the filigree...
found~ Franziska

I hope you guys have a great weekend... I don't think we have much planned with Sicky McSickerson.... maybe just not getting sick ourselves.
I am planning on heading to do some booth fluffing during naptime today.
And, there are some ferns that need to be planted.... well, they needed to be planted like a month ago when the Mr. bought them
On a random and completely unrelated side note... it has just occurred to me that some weed eaters are more annoying than others.... thank you backyard neighbor for helping me realize that!

bye for now!!


  1. Poor baby Hughes :( Hope he gets back to his wild self soon (without infecting the parents!).
    Love the rings....especially the aquamarine/rosegold one (my birthstone!) Oooh and the filigree on the last one resembles my very own wedding ring :) I lurve mine....and my main stone is my hubby's great grandfathers from Europe! His mother, his sister and myself have one. Pretty cool, eh?

    Happy Fern planting dear!!

  2. Feel better Baby J! Michelle, I am LOVING that first ring, it's so striking. I honestly didn't know that Etsy sold wedding rings! I didn't even think of that, but these are so pretty.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I'm so glad you featured one of my rings in your wonderful I can regularly see what you are up to....

    You've chosen some of my favorite sellers and rings from etsy....all wonderful! Thanks so much for including my Deco ring - it's an honor!

    Hope your little guy is feeling better soon....

    Kind regards,
    Sharon (Franziska)

  4. Hey Michelle! It was so nice to meet you today at the City Farmhouse. Your booth looks fabulous!! Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Gorgeous ring gathering, Michelle. Sorry to hear the little peanut is sick. Hope he feels better soon! Happy gardening!

  6. We have the same EXACT taste in jewelry! I saw your lovely booth at Winchester Antiques when I loaded my things into my booth at City Farmhouse. It's my first go at this, so please wish me luck!

  7. Delia,
    It was so great meeting you and Lisa too! You guys have great taste! I am sure we will bump into each other often :)
    xo~ Michelle
    ps.. wasn't sure if you had a blog or I left a comment here!

  8. Still LOVE my market bag Miss VJ... I look soooo chic at the Saturday Markets here in the PacNWest! My ring is true vintage from the 30's and believe it or not it has a Bryton look to it! Lovely post!
    Keep well!

  9. Sending get well wishes your little guy!!! Your booth looks amazing!!!!! Congrats on the second location!!!!!!
    Love the rings!!!

  10. Michelle, I'm working on a blog now and I'll let you know when it's up. I was in the store today and saw that all your furniture sold!! That is fabulous!!!! ;-)


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