Friday Etsy Favorites *Maids*

Hello and very happy Friday to you.
And, most importantly, thanks so much for all your kind words and advice about my big announcement the other day.  I love all the positive reinforcement... I thrive on it!  I have a few more weeks but I will be home the last week of May and I am so excited!

But, back to the matter at hand.  Which is me planning an imaginary second wedding (to Mr. Hughes, of course.) I showed you my dress choices here.
Now, here are my *Maids*

hello gorgeous!
I so want this dress!

Who wouldn't want to wear these dresses again?

This one has a great Mad Men look... and the color... perfection!

I love the mix and matchy vintagey tea dresses.  And the bride wearing yellow shoes? Swoon!
found~ sohomode

And for a great casual affair, this dress

how fun!  What a great dress!

So, I told you one of my secret exciting things... today I am going to see about another exciting thing... although I don't know how I can possibly top my other news.... it is exciting all the same.  I am soooo mysterious, huh?!? Or annoying?  Don't answer that... remember I am a sponge!

Have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and all you mommas, I hope your Mother's Day is awesome!

bye for now


  1. I adore those dresses! Why back when I was of the bride's maids age range, were the brides not picking lovelies like these?

    And congratulations on your recent freedom to fly! I know it will be wonderful for you and your family!


  2. Dreamy dresses! I love them. The aqua one is the stuff dreams are made of!

  3. the vinatage tea dresses remind me too much of my mom and her moo moos. everything else is purdy!

  4. I just read about your "leap" proud of you! We only live once - right?!

    Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to you too girlie - that Bayou Salvage dress has been calling my name! Can I be your maid in your wedding so I can wear it?!

  5. Ah, I LOVE that last yellow dress by The Quiet House. So folksy and springy. Great collection here:)

  6. Gorgeous! Such a great post and great collection of finds!

  7. PS I'm a SAHM, and believe it was and is the best choice I ever made. Yes it's hard, financially, but my beautiful daughter is worth it! Good on you!


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