Robin Hood and Little John Walkin' Through the Forest...

Laughin' back and forth  
At what the other'ne has to say 

 Reminiscin', This-'n'-thattin' 
 Havin' such a good time   

Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally  Golly, what a day

hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  It was a sunshine and rainbows sort of day for us. good night!

bye for now!

costume: Me and Mr. Hughes
 lyrics: Mr. Roger Miller
attitude: all baby hughes

The Talented Mr. Hughes

Happy weekend!  Just popping in super quick in between projects to show you something that my Mr. completed last night... this chalk art is keeping him pretty busy.  I commissioned one for baby hughes' big boy room... I will show you that one once that room is finished... but for now this:

He is also participating in the Franklin Art Crawl at Scarlett Scales' shop on November 4th from 6-9 pm.  So, if you are local, come by and see his latest work.  If you aren't local, you can visit his etsy shop.
Is is shameless self promotion if you are promoting your honey? *wink*

Okay, I am finishing up the curtains for the big boy bedroom.  It is almost finished!!

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *boo*

helllllooooo! hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.  I am hoping this rain doesn't spoil our plans, but I do like a rainy day here and there.  For this Friday, I collected a few things that I would love to have for a not so scary Halloween party.  Say *boo*

These fun cupcake toppers would be great for a Hocus Pocus party... I always loved that movie

I know some of you will know why I chose this one *wink*

Every party needs a bunting... who am I kidding.... every DAY needs a bunting!

I adore this collection of sweet witch postcards

I am terribly afraid of spiders, but I still love this bowl

These letterpress coasters are so fun

I love silhouettes, always have, always will

I love the retro feel of these trick or treat bags

again with the silhouettes (on a repurposed platter!)

love these spooky tags!

I hope all of you have a very fun weekend and a great Halloween!  We are probably around 95% finished with the big boy room, so I hope to share that next week.  First though, I have to get out from under my afghan...

bye for now!

How To: Create a Teepee

hello and happy Thursday!  My favorite day!  And today, I am going to share a project that I recently completed.  Whenever I type "how-to" in that little title box I have to laugh a little see, I will look online on how to do something... obsess over it, talk about it, and usually just jump right in and not take very good photos... plus, I use non- exact instructions like... "attach that to this."  And don't even get Mr. Hughes started on my mix-up of right and left... drives him crazy!  Anyhow, if after all this you want to know how I created a teepee for baby hughes' big boy room, then by all means, follow along... at least there were no injuries.

So, like I said... I have been obsessing over making a teepee.   I couldn't make it until after we got rid of the upholstered rocker from the nursery days.  The night we sold it, baby hughes and I sat on the sofa and looked at photos and how to create one of these bad boys.  As I was racking off what I thought we would need to create it, Mr. Hughes chimed in with ... you know, we have those pool cues that I picked up awhile ago.

Excellent.... so we started with those... now, I know that most of you don't have pool cues lying around your house, but we did.  You can use sticks.  These were the perfect height since the height of the stick is related to how big and wide you can make your teepee.  baby hughes has a tiny room, so this worked. If you want a teepee, buy some bamboo sticks that are taller.

We put together a rough form which I moved downstairs to have more room to work around it... that is why we didn't tie all the sticks together securely until the end... we needed to move it.  So, decide how big you want it... have your kiddo get under it and make sure it will fit him and your space.  I found that about 27"-29" between the "non door" sticks was the perfect measurement... I wanted them pretty even (this measurement allowed me to be able to butt 3 of the sticks against the wall.)  The space on the door side was around 34".  We used 5 sticks... with a larger teepee, you will need more for support (also, longer so they reach in the middle.)

See how we loosely tied them together... only for me to work on the canvas covering.

For the canvas covering, I bought a 9' x 12' uncoated drop cloth from Home Depot and I had more than enough.

Here is where I start to wing it... I measured a rough triangle, allowing an 1/2" for seams along the side.  If this was a stable structure, I could have just laid the sticks down and traced the exact angles.  Instead, I measured the base of the triangle and cut upwards... I also cut off the top point.

I made 4 of these triangles (the doors are different measurements) and I laid them out along the structure.

Then I began pinning all the sides together.... As I moved towards the top, the seam allowance got larger and larger... no biggie....

...because next, I trimmed all the seams to a manageable size (I waited to trim the bottom.)  

I made sure the seams lined up along the sticks nicely and then I stitched all the panels together by machine.

As I said before, I waited to cut and attach the doors... I had run out of pins and I also was sort of liking the exposed edge look... so I wanted to be sure that I wanted the seams on the inside.  When I did do the doors, I measured the base of the door area and cut that in half.  I then used that measurement and expanded by 2 inches (this includes seam allowances) and cut it.  I wanted one side to be a little larger to allow for overlap.  Again, since I wasn't using the exact angles, there was actually more overlap towards the top to trim once it was pinned together.

With the doors pinned in place, I trimmed the outer door straight down and then the inner door as well, allowing for overlap.  Then I stitched it all together.

Next (and it was very dark when I did this, so sorry, no photos of the process) I added the closure at the top.  I have seen several ways to complete the closure... lacing, some stitch it partially together.... I used wool felt and embroidery thread and some large buttons... I wanted it more childlike and not so authentic.... I mean, I am using pool cues here.... not quite up to par with the Native Americans from the Plains here.

Then, I simply trimmed around the bottom edge... I didn't hem the very top or bottom... I wanted it a little rough and it doesn't fray too badly....and when it does, it will be similar to the fray on blue jeans.

We moved it back upstairs and Mr. Hughes tightly bound the rope around all 5 sticks.  I have also seen people drilling holes in the cues and binding the sticks with rope through the holes and around the sticks... your choice.

Here it is all finished:

I spread the sticks a little wider once we got upstairs... baby hughes likes to have me over for company and it is a tight squeeze in there.  He loves it though... when you now ask him where he lives, he replies... in a teepee!

We are discussing decor options for the interior, but this is how is looks right now.... well, I cleaned up a bit. His big boy room is awaiting just a few things (like remounting the curtain rod he ripped out of the wall... with the anchors!)  He hasn't completely knocked it over yet *knock on wood*
Hopefully, I will be able to share his whole room next week... I am still needing more book storage.

So, I hope you enjoyed the little (long) *how- to*  Here is one *how-to* that I used for inspiration and another one here.  I had a lot of fun making this and he will have even more fun playing in it, so I am not too worried if there is a better way to do it.

okay, now, I have to finish a Robin Hood costume... happy Thursday!

bye for now!

What I Keep Wednesday: Life Made Lovely

Hello all!  Hope your week is incredible so far.  I have another What I Keep Wednesday this week and today I invited one of the most cheerful people ever.  And her home really shows it... it is so happy and colorful.  She is pretty awesome too.  Here is Heather:

Hello Vintage Junky loving friends!
I absolutely adore Michelle and am tickled pink
to join in the What I Keep Wednesday fun.
My name is Heather from Life Made Lovely
and I'm officially addicted to thrift store shopping.
I love the thrill of the hunt, but mostly it's because I adore
the fact that beauty can be found in another person's castoffs.

So here's my little list of what I absolutely, positively cannot part with.


1.  My vintage Pyrex collection.
I'm currently the owner of dessert plates, dessert bowls, mixing bowls, platters,
and onr very pretty green apple shallow casserole dish.  I love, love, love it all!
The only thing I love more about Pyrex is if it's a little faded out from being
used loved so much.  The more love it's had, the more lovely the colors become.

2.  My vintage plate collection.
I choose castoff vintage plates that have a modern feel to them, either because of
their pattern or color.  Right now they're being prepped for a little project I'm working on.
It's part of my "I must do something with all these pins I'm acquiring" effort.

3.  My vintage mug collection.
I love finding colorful mugs made in Japan, but also have a few made in
England and Germany.  I hang them from a vintage bread delivery truck basket
that's hanging over my kitchen island.  Most of the mugs are a bit on the small
size compared to the size mug I drink my morning coffee from, so instead we
serve the kids their morning OJ in them.  It makes for very happy mornings!

4.  My vintage book collection.
I prefer vintage informational books, but if it has a pretty cover then chances are it
will end up living at my house.  I just love the little bits of pattern and color
they bring to spaces in my room.  I'm also a big fan of typography, so for me...
books cover two bases at once.

Thanks for letting participate in the fun Michelle!
I just think you, my dear, are the bees knees.
-xo  Heather

Heather just introduced a line of Christmas cards with her business Life Made Lovely Designs.  Seriously, if I didn't have a graphic designer living under the same roof who loves to do the Christmas cards each year, then I would definitely get one made.  I would have a hard time choosing though since they are all so... lovely *wink*

Okay, off to use my time wisely while the hyena is sleeping.... or maybe I will have another cup of coffee....

bye for now!

A Foof and a Fluff

hello everybody!  Lately, I feel like I have been cleaning and purging constantly.  I think it must be the change of seasons.  And the fact that the Mr. and I tend to accumulate.  A long time ago, we moved his office out of the the extra bedroom to carve out a little spot for us to create in... a studio.  Quite a bit of the time, we will bring stuff downstairs and in one of my mad cleaning dashes, the so called studio becomes a dumping ground.  I am not comfortable enough in my messiness to show you what it looks like on those days.  Last week though, I cleaned and purged and organized to get it back into working order.

I moved some things around, put the closet to better use, and got rid of some stuff to make this a fun place to be in again.

While I adored the blue chairs that I created for this space, they just weren't right... they felt too delicate and didn't scoot well.  So, on 2 different trips to our favorite haunts, we came home with some old sewing stools.  Perfect.  Here, I have my partner in crime modeling "his."

 Sometimes you need something a little fun to make you feel creative. This little pincushion is useful too.

I also wanted to hang up the piece of kraft paper that I used at Bella Rustica for my booth.  I couldn't see trashing Mr. Hughes' hard work.

I also couldn't see leaving those festive honeycomb balls all folded up in the closet somewhere.  Why not put them to use?  So, now it is like a little party up here.  As fun as it is to mess things up (and not fun to clean them) it is also really nice to have a clean spot.  First mess to be made in here: a Robin Hood costume.  Better get on that!

bye for now!

Music Valley Antique Show

Hello there!  Happy Monday!  I have loads of things lined up to show you if I could just get something completed... I am thinking this is the week (that I make a Robin Hood fox costume.)  Anyhow, I am about to make some plans for you local folks...this weekend there is the Music Valley & Tailgate Antiques Show.  These shows always have absolutely swoon worthy antiques.   I am partial to old signs and the Spring show did not disappoint.  In the Spring, there were also plenty of vendors with great industrial wares (I am also partial to industrial looking baskets and storage.)

And, if you want to go to this show, I can get you free tickets... all you have to do is go to City Farmhouse and tell them Vintage Junky sent you and they will give you free passes... it pays to know me, huh?  *chuckles*

Okay, I will be back soon to show you some things that are finished.... well, they aren't right now but they will be very, very soon. Pinky promise.

bye for now!

oh, and for those of you that have had trouble commenting on mine and other Blogger blogs... I found a piece of info:  it seems that it is a Blogger/ Internet Explorer issue with the embedded forms.  So, I changed my comment form for the time being.  So, c'mon, talk to me *wink*

Friday Etsy Favorites *Crafty*

hello and happy friday!  There is something inside of me that switches over at this time of year... maybe a change of seasons or all the holidays or how I am suddenly cooped up in the house more.  Whatever it is, I get a little more crafty... which I think is a bit different from what I usually am.  This time of year I can sit down with paper and scissors and all kinds of trimmings and keep myself busy for hours.  So, let me show you some of may very favorite things to get *Crafty*

glass glitter. love it.  sometimes the things I create with it are downright dangerous, but it is sparkly!

want to make me a happy girl?  Buy me all the colors of divine twine... and maybe a new pack of sharpies.  No joke.

kraft seals... love them!
found~ knotandbow

Mr. Hughes got me the needle felting owl kit last year and I think this one is precious!
found~ fancytiger

hello sly fox stamp... you need to be mine

these calligraphy, bracket-y tags are my kind of thing

this is one of my favorite shops to buy things I probably don't need, but really want
found~ caramelos

I must get some of this felt!  look at all the colors
found~ giantdwarf

and, if you aren't crafty, but would like to pretend you are, you can buy some happy daisies from here

another thing that makes me happy... washi tape.  I want every color.  But especially this one.

buttons... moody, smokey, grey buttons.  

So, are you feeling *crafty*  Oh, and a note on this word *crafty*  Recently, this has become a favorite word in our house.  You have to say it like you suspect that someone is clearly up to no good.  baby hughes and I like this book: The Cow that Laid an Egg.  Now, I don't want to give away anything for those of you who haven't read this book, but there is a certain line in the book that says, "We think the *crafty* chickens did it."  We have this phrase in our family lexicon.  It is sure to get a laugh every time.
Okay, have a great weekend!  I have some fun stuff to finish up and share next week.

bye for now!


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