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Hello Everyone!  We have had some rainy weather here in Tennessee lately.  So I have taken advantage of the inside time today to work on some things just for me.  I haven't painted anything for us in so long.  So, I woke up early and started painting these chairs:

I got three primed and painted by the time baby hughes' nap was over.  You may remember me asking you to help me beg Mr. Hughes to keep these beauties.  He caved (those were his words!)  I am just waiting on some fabric swatches to get here so we can recover these babies.

And, you may remember me asking your opinion on me tackling embroidery and some pointers.  Last night, I pulled out some linen and some floss and got started following some great online tutorials that I found here.

By no means is it perfect, but this is my first try.  Already my lazy daisy stitches are less lazy.  So I am going to practice, practice, practice over the next few days and then I will order the sampler that I have been obsessing over.  If any of you have any tips for a beginner, please feel free to share.  And if any of you are beginners as well, I would love to know what you are working on.  I really like it.... it is quite relaxing, but not mind numbing like watching television.  I am going to start a little embroidery project for Hazel tonight too.

And this is something I made just for me a few weeks ago, but I decided to list them on etsy and sell them local as well:

I embellished one of my grain sack totes with a garland of linen flowers with vintage button centers.  It has been hauling all of my stuff along with baby hughes' stuff too this summer.  I plan to use it tomorrow to smuggle some snacks that you can't get at the theatre when we go see Cars 2.  But we will have popcorn, oh yes, you can't go to your very first movie and NOT eat popcorn.

And this random photo... well, it is just for me too.  This is one of my favorite things in our crazy backyard.  Old, moss covered bricks.  Heck, I even like the little mini weeds coming up.
Okay kids, I have done enough just for me... got to pick up this crazy crayon and car strewn living room.

bye for now~


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the chair and that tote bag is simply divine! Alberta has seen it's fair share of rain as well.

  2. not even a peek at the painted chairs?! I have not painted any furniture yet this year, I need to get moving on it.

  3. I love your bricks too... they're perfect! can't wait to see the chairs painted!


  4. You are so creative! I absolutely love what you did to that tote, I bet those would sell like hotcakes on Etsy or in your booths. So exciting about little man's first movie! I hope you both enjoy Cars 2, I actually really liked it :)

  5. that is a lovely tote

  6. excited to see the chairs. :) lovely job on the embroidery....i just tackled my first piece. i'll be posting it on my blog soon...hopefully. :)

  7. Aren't days like that so much fun? Wake up and decide to make a drastic change in the house just for the fun of it! lol! You go, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. embroider tips: don't think you need to use a L O N G piece of thread. it will tangle and knot sometimes...
    using only two or three stands of embroidery floss will be easier to start with-
    there is actually a direction or nap to the thread! As you take it off, the thread at the end is the end to use to thread the needle. It doesn't make much difference, but it will be a little easier to thread through the needle.
    If you can find "flower" thread, which is a type not a brand ( not sure if it's still made ) it's wonderful to work with. I used to use it for noses when I made miniature bears.

    Next time you are searching embroidery on line, take a look at ribbon embroidery...that's a whole 'nother beautiful addiction.

    good luck!


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