Opinions needed: Am I in over my head?

Hello and Happy Saturday!
  I don't usually post on the weekends... not that I am opposed to it or anything... I am just usually out.  But, this Saturday finds me at home with the monster... cleaning and trying to get the house a little presentable for a dinner guest tonight.
Ever since I came across this alphabet sampler, I have been a little obsessed... so obsessed that I sort of panic when it isn't minimized on my desktop for me to maximize and admire.
Mr. Hughes assures me that I am out of my league on this... I have never actually embroidered anything, per say.  But... you have to start somewhere right?  But, he knows my patience level pretty well.
So, what do you think... I know some of you embroider... is this crazy ambitious for a first time project?  I love it so!!!  When I first saw it, the kits had unfortunately sold out, so I would only be able to get the pdf.  Which adds a new layer of skill... transferring this to fabric.
So, please tell, me... what do you think?  
Have a great weekend!  Especially you dads that may be reading!

bye for now!

pdf pattern can be purchased here


  1. Wow! That is gorgeous!! Way beyond me, but I bet you could do it!

  2. I say try it. what will it hurt. I have the jenny hart beginner book and it is so helpful. so maybe find a beginner book. buy the pdf, the floss and try it.

    have a wonderful saturday and enjoy dinner tonight!

  3. What you should do first is a couple small beginner ones to become familiar with embroidery. THEN do this one, you will be much happier with the results. It's a really nice sampler, I can see why you like it. Embroidery is not hard, it's just a matter of learning, a little patience and practice! After I learned how to embroider I moved on to wool work (embroidery with wool thread) and crazy quilting. Learning one thing can lead to another! Plus it's good for the creative psyche.

  4. Michelle,

    It is beautiful I would be obsessed too! I say give it a try, I would do individual letter on say a 5x7 piece of fabric. This way your not overwhelmed. I started knitting in March when the baby was born because it reminded me of being a little girl. lol It was actually very relaxing, I actually sat on the sofa while Big Daddy watches movies.

    I cant wait to see your first one! Have a great weekend and wish Mr. Hughes a Happy Father's Day!


  5. Michelle! It's a sampler! A true tradition of learning the art of embroidery! You are the perfect talent to take this on!

  6. I've been thinking about trying a sampler like this for a while, actually, long before I ever saw Alicia posting about it! I've got a thing for monograms lately, and even had a tutorial on sewing one on my blog a month or so ago, so you can see it's been on the brain!

    Since you'll be learning to trace the pattern by purchasing the pdf, why not choose a letter and just do that one to start with? When you're a beginner, as we all are at some time or other, it's best to start projects small. That feeling of accomplishment gained when you actually finish something goes a long way toward encouraging you to do more! Trust me, been there, done that, tossed way too many unfinished embroidery projects over the years.

  7. Do it! When I was a young teen I worked on a Holly Hobby with my mom. We tackled each section and learned new stitches as we went.

    I think this is do-able. And if you are low on patience, this sampler seems perfect because it looks like each letter offers a new stitch or color. Have fun!

  8. Check out stitchfork designs, she is the most brilliant designer of embroider that I have ever seen. She may be of some help. Great blog too by the way, google her.

  9. You can do it! Maybe try some practice stitches on scrap fabric and then go for it. Can't wait to see the results. :-)

  10. I concur with what others have said. I taught myself when I was younger, just using simple books and used to embroider the line on my jeans from where I let down the hem. I did the line as the grass and embroidered flowers growing up. Definitely a 60's girl, for sure. Find a good book, match and learn the different stitches and practice them, then, go for it! If you do, keep us posted and that way, we can applaud your successes and keep you motivated.

  11. Go for it! A sampler is a way to learn your stitches. From what I can see the stitches represented in the pic are pretty straight forward. Chain, split, satin stitches, french knots, seed stitches. You can do!


  12. of coarse you can do it!! Yeah!! have you seen the flicker page for "39 squares?" super cool!...

  13. Do it, but I would print the image right onto fabric that is made to go thru the printer (available from joanns or online). That way, you can enjoy how it looks as you are working on it. FYI, the stitches used are pretty easy.

  14. Well you have to start somewhere and a sampler is the perfect way to do it. You'll get to teach yourself all those lovely stitches for each letter. I say go for it! (I've never embroidered a darn thing but still I say go for it.) I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job.

  15. Oh, Michelle - of COURSE you could do this! My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was a child. I've forgotten some of the stitches, but others I still use when mending! It's really alot of fun - and much more interesting than cross-stitching, which I did for years, too. :) Have fun!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Ooh that is so beautiful, I want to learn to embroider too. I've only ever done one small cross stitch. Let us all know how you go.

  17. What a beautiful sampler, Go for it, that is exactly what samplers are for, you Learn all the different stitches while creating something Beautiful.....

  18. That is really beautiful! And I agree with everyone else--you should go for it. What's it gonna hurt?

  19. That is incredible! I love it. You should have no problem. Just practice some before hand.

  20. Try it. But I will suggest you get a book of embroidery stitches and practice each stitch before doing it on your sampler.

    Alternatively, you can have a 'pro' embroider do the embroidery for you. I did that with a knitted sweater pattern I was obsessed with since I do not and have never been able to learn to knit (numerous attempts).


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