Charlotte and Collette

Hello there!  How are you doing?  We have been trying to keep cool all weekend.... seriously, I woke up early Saturday and closed all the shades and curtains to help keep the house cool.  We hunkered down like we were wanted by the FBI.  Which explains my productivity.... you may remember the "befores" of the two pieces I was working on from this post.  Well, here are the "afters...."

Here is Charlotte.  She is painted a soft warm grey.  And can be used in so many places...

I love the detail on the side.  We removed the marble top that can be seen in the before photo because it was cracked and we have another plan for it *wink*  Not to worry though, Charlotte is very pretty, but hasn't replaced the lovely Tara.  Tara may have to move soon or completely out though.... *sniff, sniff* because I got a piece that I have been wanting for awhile.... now, if I could just get Mr. Hughes to help me lug some heavy furniture upstairs, we could see if everything is going to work in the bedroom, Tara may very well be able to stay!

And, for the after of the previously black buffet...

Meet Collette... she is a little French!  I painted her a pretty cool grey with some contrasting white accents.  

I love her!  So much!  Right now, she is crowding up the kitchen nook... I couldn't banish her to the garage after she got her makeover.  I have a dresser that is needing a makeover that only came with two vintage crystal knobs, well, Collette only needed two, it worked out perfectly.

I can just see this pretty girl with a collection of milk glass vases or mercury glass... swoon... I just happen to have both.  But, she will be moving to the booth (sadly...) when Charlotte sells.  

I also started a little set of nesting tables and a chair today.  See, quite productive (stretching around to pat my back.)  Now, I am going to go sweet talk and bat my eyelashes and see if I can manage to get some furniture moved.... wish me luck!
Bye for now!


  1. HA!! Wishing you lot's of luck with the "batting of the eyelash" thing ;) Great job on the girls- they look gorgeous!!!

  2. oh my, I love Collette!! :) sweetness!

  3. Those are two gorgeous girls! I especially love Charlotte. I so love that you name your pieces!!!

  4. Looks great!

  5. love teh little sideboard- those colors are so me!!! it's perfect!

  6. Wow, these are both so gorgeous, love the detailing on Collette. You are amazing! I swear, only you and your beautiful creations could make me want to drive to Tenn ASAP :)

  7. Girl you did a great job on both, love la love her and also love that you reached around and patted yourself on the back, eta girl you go!! hope you had a good weekend...mine was too short! ugh! xo

  8. that shade of gray is dreamy. (i heart gray!)

    i love those sweet little knobs and the white detail on collete. she's just so darn pretty.

    can't wait to see your nesting tables. i'm always on the lookout for those.

  9. Oooh! Those are just beautiful pieces! :)
    Hope you're staying cool down there! It's been extremely hot and humid here, but today it's feeling rather nice.

  10. Oh my gosh - I love both Charlotte and Collette!! And I NEEEED them both. Good job. Those will sell like hotcakes. :)

  11. hi michelle,

    collette can come live with me.


  12. the formerly black---now gray and white buffet is gorge-gorge-gorgeous! Love it! Your spruce-up-projects are amazing. great job!

  13. I love Charlotte! And her little display. And her name! You rock, lady. :)

  14. Batting your eyelashes...and every time! lol! Good luck! And beautiful job on Charlotte and Collette! :) Love that soft gray....

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  15. Hi there!! I am a LOYAL follower!! love your blog. I wondered if you could tell me what color "cool grey" is and what brand. I think that color is perfect for my daughters dresser....



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