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We have a fun day planned.  We (the Mr, baby and I) are going to the booth at the Roost to do a little update and I thought I would show you what I have done with my time off... since I can't exactly show you photos of my messy house or my flower beds that very much need weeding...it was on the list, it just didn't make the cut.  It will happen though.  I have priorities and I choose fun... 

And, I had a good time putting this stuff together.  You have already seen the Holly chairs, they are going with us today.  And, this table I named Emilie... why, not sure... but I like it when Emilys spell their name Emilie.  I put these little metal embroidery hoops that we got because we liked their patina to use to hold bits of scraps and other vintageness.

Since I put together this little terrarium/conservatory combo with a vintage starburst pan (I LOVE these... why did they stop making them?)  I have been imagining keeping it here... but I have one that Mr. Hughes made me, so I don't want too much of a good thing,  right?

And, someone may just need to take the blue paint and the silverleaf away from me.... I need to pick another color to obsess over!  This little clock is waiting for Mr. Hughes to get his lazy head out of bed and put the movement in it.

After we are finished with the set up, baby hughes and I are going to meet a sweet friend and her boys for some frozen yogurt and maybe a little retail therapy. So, a pretty fun day.

And, here is a little history/ gossip for you on this wonderful Wednesday morning. Let me start by saying that I have a few women who are my style/fashion icons, my go to ladies for inspiration... they can do no wrong. And, as cliche as it may be to say Audrey Hepburn, she is my #1. Well, I recently read (and this could be totally fabricated) that she was quite superstitious and insisted that her dressing room door be marked with the number 55. So, my little stool is a small tribute to Miss Hepburn.

Oh, and I almost forgot to rub it in (teehee) but I won The Lettered Cottage Stella and Dot giveaway!
I don't know all the details yet, but I will show you what I chose once I get it.

Well, I need to go get those lazy boys of mine out of bed so we can get this fun started!

Bye for now!

ps... I think I want to get one of those signature lines... I need to google how to do it... my name is Michelle


  1. Thar blue color is so worth being obsessed with. It's beautiful.Love the 55 and the story behind it. I want a signature line too and don't know how, so please share once you learned how. XX

  2. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day to me!! I personally love the blue paint and the story behind the 55 on the stool!! oh and michelle,that is your name right?? e-mail me, I can help you out with the signature line! :) xo

  3. Love your number 55 and what it represents. I like having reasons for the things I do.

    Love the blue treasures...

  4. That stool is precious. Love the meaning behind it too. And I love Emilie!

    Have a fun day!!

  5. came over from Blondie 'N' sc....love your blog..looking forward to coming back!

  6. Sure wish you lived in NE so I could shop away with you! You have the perfect way with sytling and putting all your pretties together. I love the stool and the 55 story...oh, and the way you name your things.
    It just dawned on me (duh) who the "real" Tara is! :)
    Sounds like you have a great day planned - enjoy!
    Sarah xo

  7. Found you from Tara, she is right, you have beautiful treasures!!


  8. Wow, love your stuff. So glad Blondie'N'sc... featured you. I will be visiting again and again. The pictures with the "top hat" in your booth, love!!!

  9. I always wondered how to get a fabulous signature line....but just haven't looked into it.
    I love that blue by the way and all that you have done with your time away


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