Friday Etsy Favorites *Punch*

Good Morning!  Hope you are all wonderful!  I have been feeling all kinds of blogetsybooth love lately. Thanks so much!  It really truly does mean alot.  When Sweet Tara stroked my ego the other day, she gave me an idea... one that many people are already doing, but I told her that I would call it my "Original" idea... *wink*  I am going to share a few items every Friday directly from my etsy favorites or my favorite shops.  I will try to theme them, but it will probably end up being a mish mash of what I love.  

This week, since it is my first one, I do have a theme.... Punch.  As in bright, punchy color!

like this necklace... I love bright, fun necklaces with simple white tops
Found at Tamar

Here is another bright, floral necklace...
Found at luxedeluxe

How about this tangerine clutch?  I have really started loving *orange*

What is better than a bike?  Well, an aqua bike... and better than that... it is diagrammed in espanol (sorry, I never know how to put the ~ over the n)
Found at bittersugar

I adore buntings.... and ones that are made from oil cloth?  Perfection!!

And, finally, something I have been lusting after for awhile, one of Tara's ruffly burlap runners.  And, I will have one... once my monster stops ripping table cloths and napkins off the table.  I AM going to special order one for my sister's new house.  This one is so bright and fun!

There you have it!  My favorite bright summery items from etsy.
Bye for now!


  1. How nice to feature such wonderful etsy shops and their designers. Etsy is such a wonderful place to shop and to sell.


  2. That table runner is on my list of things to make. Love your picks especially the first necklace.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. that clutch is a.mazing. i heart aqua and orange together.

    p.s. i like your new signature!!

  4. Etsy is my favorite place to shop... I'm slightly addicted!!! Great picks,
    happy weekend to you,

  5. Ohh I love the necklaces, love them!! and well the bunting, I mean come on, serioulsy cute!! Thanks for featuring my momma's table runner!! you da bomb! Cheers to the original friday favorites, with a *theme*! muwahh!

  6. all of these, but the first is my fave. :) Happy Weekend, friend!


  7. What a great idea! Sometimes I find it hard to search etsy for exactly what I'm looking for and since you also love pretty vintage things -this will be very helpful....or dangerous! :)
    I love the burlap runner - much prettier than the one I made with frayed edges!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. So cute~ and soo etsy!
    These are all friday's favorites~ come join the linky party!

  9. I just ordered that first necklace a few days ago. Haven't gotten it yet, but I can't wait to wear it. And thanks for introducing me to all of those other great shops!

  10. I love the first necklace!!! So cute.

  11. FUN, FUN, FUN STUFF=0)

    Have a great weekend,

  12. Such a fantastic blog! I've enjoyed pouring through everything on it. I'm your newest follower!

  13. hi michelle,

    such a pretty selection.

    i'd love to see you do a round-up of the prettiest healing jewelery and crystals.



  14. I am somewhat new to etsy but have loved everything I have bought. With unemployment where it is, etsy is a way to spend our money and we know it is made in the USA!

  15. I *heart* orange! I love seeing all of your ideas and finds.

  16. You are feeding my Etsy addiction and I love it! That clutch is fantastic.

  17. loving that clutch and necklace!

  18. What a neat idea to share some great Etsy finds! Not doing much for my shopping addiction.....but I'm going shopping anyway! lol! Thanks for sharing these fun treasures, Michelle!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk


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