A Secretary, a King, and a Duck

all walk into a bar and the Secretary orders.....

No, really this isn't a post about a joke.  This is more of a post about the pressing issues on my mind involving the furniture in my house that I love and desperately want to work.  I am seriously obsessing over this in between wondering if I have enough orange and aqua blue pom poms for the 2nd birthday coming up next week.  
Let's start with the Secretary.... that is pretty simple... I even think I know what colors Kate is going to be (isn't Kate a perfect name for a classy Secretary that greets you when you walk in the door?) 

Now, this isn't my classy lady Kate.... I don't have a before photo of her yet, but it gives you an idea of what she sort of looks like, but my girl Kate needs some work... 
And, if you read closely before, you read correctly "colors"  
We are talking special *just for me* colors, and maybe some vintage wallpaper or a fun color on the back of the upper cabinet.  This girl is staying... if you recall a long time ago, I mentioned here that I have been wanting one.... well, I found one while out looking for booth lovelies.  She was was in front of the now beautiful Collette. The guy even asked me what color I would paint her...I think she winked at me and whispered "make me pretty!"

And, a few days later, Mr. Hughes told the guy that he would be out to get her to shut me up (I made that part up, but that sounds like something he would say.)  She is now in the garage, just waiting for baby hughes to turn 2 and for my sister's kitchen table to be painted (I have priorities... and my monster and sister come before my desire to love this lady... plus, I need some time to find the perfect jewelry...)

Now, about that King....
(it is amazing about how many of my posts involve me obsessing over some piece of furniture... maybe I should see someone about this *wink*)
anyhow, back to the matter at hand.  The King...
this is actually a new obsession involving an old one...
(seriously, need  help)

These are 2 twins that Mr. Hughes found on craigslist to shut me up about the 2 cane and wood ones.  We thought we would hang on to them until we moved far away and lived happily ever after.  Well, kids, I just don't think that is happening anytime soon.  And, in the meantime, we could use a bigger bed and a new mattress... did you know 2 twins = 1 king....
So, last night, while Mr. Hughes was out, and I bribed the baby with a Handy Manny movie, I lugged 2 twins upstairs.  Yep... sure did! Mr. Hughes wasn't too happy about it... said some nonsense about me not being as young as I used to be.... what?!?
So, at about 9:30 pm, we constructed 2 twins in our room in front of our current queen.  And, I think it looked great.  Now, there are some technical aspects that will have to be dealt with to make this happen, but that is boring and lets face it, in my house, the Mr's job.
But, here is why I am hesitant...
A. (or do you prefer 1?) The bed will have to go in front of the windows... the headboards are low so hopefully it won't block too much.  I need the light.
B.  We will have to save a buy a new king mattress AND bedding.  I have a lovely duvet that I JUST bought last year.  And, I love it, so hopefully I can size up.
C. I have 2 wonderful, handmade by my Mommy, queen size quilts that she put a lot of time and money into... can I ask her to make me a king.?

Are kings really that much better than queens?  What about blocking that window?  I really do want to know what you think, but just know, I will probably do what I want.

The bright side to doing this is that the Tara could be my nightstand along with a Tara II for Mr. Hughes (that doesn't sound quite right.....)

So, all of THIS got me to thinking... I bet some of you have some pieces that you love, love, love.  And, that you would want to share....
so how about this....
I will do a post or a couple of posts with photos that you can email me with a short description or story about how you stole it from someone or how it was uglier than a kick in the shin at midnight (that was my dad's phrase... I think it lost something in the Spanish to English translation...) before you made it over.
So, if you want to participate, send me your stuff at 

michelle at vintagejunky dot com

 If you have a blog, be sure to send the link so I can link to you in the post... I thought we could so it this way instead of a McKlinky.  I would love to have them by August 12 so I could get the post together by the 16th (that's a Monday, Friday seems too obvious!)  Oh, and here are the rules (sorry) it needs to be furniture and it needs to be vintage.  Oh, and you have to love it!  If this is super popular, then maybe I will have to split it into a few posts.... what do you think... are you game?

Well, kids, that is all I have for you today!
Bye for now!

there was never a duck... just put that in for funsies


  1. oh the tangled webs we weave when it comes to decorating!! I will e-mail you my desk...one of my favs...or I can send some chairs, or I can send my dressers or i can, just kidding, I am done...geez I am not that obsessed with vintage furniture...really I'm not!! :)

  2. You crack me up! I love all of the names that you have come up with...they are like people with their own personality and colors :D
    I would send you a pic of what I am gonna do with the numbers that you sent me, but it wont be in time. We are putting an offer in on a house so I have been pre-occupied with doing boring stuff of that nature...
    but you will def get pics when I get around to my lovely metal numbers!!

  3. We sleep in a king & I will NEVER EVER EVER sleep in anything else. LOVE it!!

  4. LOL! :) You are too funny! You sound just like me...with the video and the little one and moving/hauling things that we shouldn't. ;) Just out of curiosity....is a vintage steam trunk considered furniture? ;)


  5. I just love your blog...you always make me smile! I just got a king last year and I'll never go back to a queen...EVER!!
    Have a Happy Day!
    Tammy :-)

  6. We had a king for years and had to switch to a queen when we moved to Chicago. How we hate it! Now that we have moved back to Georgia, we will be buying a king again soon.

  7. I've been looking for a Kate for a very long long time. I can't wait to see yours...although it will just make me want one even more and become more obsessed that I already am!
    Your FFF party sounds fun but I have so many. :)

    I vote for the queen ~

  8. You are hilarious, so many exciting fun projects going on!
    About the bed, I absolutely love our King bed, but I wouldn't force it in your house now. You have the bedding you love already, the light etc...I would just ride out the Queen until you move. Then the King can be a big treat in the new house!

  9. So many great projects to work on. I can't wait to see how they all turn out. I currently have a queen but would much prefer a king, it's just nice to have more room.

  10. Them's a lotta questions to ponder, girl!
    I might just have to sleep on it (hehehe, get it?) and get back to ya.

    But I will tell that having a King size bed is really nice, especially if you're a light sleeper, or if you like a little personal sleep space. I know, you were more interested in the aesthetics, but I think largely depends on the size of your room.

    Hey, you could even do two twins like Lucy and Ricky! There's a thought!


  11. you put so much love into those pieces! I love that you name them. Makes them feel like family. I don't have any pieces with such a beautiful story~ just a pottery barn table that I painted white. And she doesn't even have a name...

  12. oooh! how fun!! i'm going to send you a photo of my grandma's sidetable that my boys painted aqua for me for my birthday this year.

  13. Ok, nobody laugh. My husband and I have been sleeping in a full size bed, get this, for almost 24yrs. lol! Yep, in just three weeks 24yrs. We recently thought of purchasing a queen, only because after 24yrs these hips of mine take up more space, but why change now. :) Love your before and afters, and all the ideas you have, to make vintage furniture fab.

  14. I don't have any before pics!!! But I have several afters. Darn it.

    That secretary is darling. I know what color I would paint it......

    King beds are much different than queens. We have a king and it is wonderful. I bought bedding and use my pretty queen duvet folded at the bottom of the bed so I can still use it.

  15. hahah! love it : ) you're writing style makes me laugh. You go girl, fixing up all this furniture!

  16. well, Miss Michelle , i am so clicking the add me button. Gotta' love a sense of humor.
    I'm sitting here, looking at the very same secretary you are lusting after. it's still in it's original clothing of dark varnish.
    If i could, it would soon change into something much lighter...but can't because it's already been gifted (eventually) to my guy's daughter, damn it.

  17. The furniture you choose makes me so happy! I love all of it. Every single piece. Cannot wait to see what you do with the secretary. I have a piece in transformation right now. Gosh, I sure hope I remembered to take some "before" pics. It's already primed and getting color today. Yippeee!!
    I'll send you the after pics.

    And- you better post pics of this big 2nd birthday too.

    Oh - a King size bed is heavenly. You will love it.

  18. That kind will be double fantastic! I just picture it with some draping fabric hanging over it....a pumpkin colored silk would fit my decor....lol, but who was the money for silk drapery when there's 2 year olds running around! We are currently travelling the western u.s. in a travel trailer or i'd take pictures of some of my faves that are just *GASP* sitting in storage! for your post!

  19. I'm totally pretending you named Kate after me since I declared you my new hero! Love this!

  20. Michelle,

    You must be a long lost relative because we are so much alike. I adore the twin beds. Does Mr Hughes now yell: "Lucyyyyy I'm home" when he walks through the door?
    I've had CA King, Queen and Full size beds. No one needs a CA King unless they are a polygamist with one bedroom.
    Count me in your link party. I will send a photo once I complete my project.

    Your Friend,

  21. Ooh toughie! Can mommy add a dust ruffel to widen the quilts? I'm pretty sentimental and would probably have to use my quilts :)

  22. I know this is a couple of weeks old, so I don't know if you've solved your king/queen problem yet. If not, maybe I can help. I just did the same thing, about a month ago. I used two twin frames, the cheepo metal ones and two twin box springs and mattresses. My husband used some c-clamps underneath to hold the frames together securely. I purchased a four inch memory foam topper from Overstock.com. It it actually two inches of regular firm foam and two inches of memory foam. It was just over $100. They also have great prices on sheets and shipping is like 2.95 for any item. I covered the two twins with the memory foam then covered it all with a deep pocket mattress pad. It works great for us and would be cheaper than a king sized mattress until you move and will also be easier to move.


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