Last Weekend and the Evolving Booth

Last weekend, after a busy week, we decided that we needed to go treasure hunting.  We started out a bit late for where we were going... we wanted to try to hit a store that we are always missing in order to find some more furniture for me to paint for the booth.  We started out in Leiper's Fork.  It is such a cute, tiny little town... maybe smaller than Bell Buckle.  It has a few galleries and it is a great place to go hear live music.  They keep the town small and quaint on purpose.  I have heard that quite a few country music stars live out there.

All of the little houses that line the main part of town are beautifully restored.  Not my taste in colors, but still very cute.

This store is one of my favorite in the world.  Lots of goodies!  Like jaw dropping goodies... too bad I can only afford some French soap.  I didn't think that they would let us take photos inside, but next time I will ask... 
I also wish we would have gotten a photo of the owners cute black 50s model Ford with her logo on the side... adorable.  I am thinking Vintage Junky needs one of those *wink*  I will settle for anything bigger than our Honda for now... not so good for hauling furniture.

We then moved on to Dickson where we went to a ton of shops and took no photos... bad blogger!

We did find a few pieces though that are drying as we speak.  And, good thing too... I need some furniture!!

 We went out to the booth on Wednesday and added the Holly chairs and the Emilie table.

Then, I got a call Thursday afternoon that the table sold... well, that means most things would be on the floor.  So, I stayed up late and got some stuff together which I took out Friday morning and did a quick little makeover.

I added a fun flash card garland and just fluffed a bit.  I didn't have a table finished, so I stacked up some crates for the time being. 

I stenciled a crate for my flower pins and added some moss...

 The next day while we were in Dickson, I got the call that the Holly chairs sold and that someone wanted another pair of them (I only have one more chair like that, but it is in the process of getting Hollified... that may actually be a real word with a very different meaning....) So the next day, we went out to take a table and a stool and fluff a little more (no photos, we were in a rush for our company coming over)

Well, wouldn't you know it, that table sold yesterday.  So, I have a nearly empty booth until I can get back out there on Friday... a good problem to have, but a little overwhelming at the same time. So, thanks again for all your Vintage Junky love.  I love doing this.  I hope to show you a bedroom update later this week.  I am also hoping we get started on the stairs, but I am not holding my breath.... I am also planning a fabulous owl birthday party for my favorite 2 year old (and person in general!)

Bye for now!


  1. Isn't it the best compliment to sell something you love doing. Congrats, even if you have no surface space to display your work.

  2. you do wonderful displays! no wonder your things are going quickly!

  3. hi michelle,

    you are one busy lady. i love that your stuff is selling like hotcakes and you are keeping up. that's so great given the economy. your booth looks fantastic.


  4. i am so happy for you michelle! sounds wonderful! and i love that table! no wonder it sold! i am gonna be emailing you soon! xo

  5. Your booth is so wonderful..I'm not a bit surprised that you are selling your great items so quickly! Good for you! Love the pics!
    Tammy :-)

  6. oh please make sure you keep us up on the owl party I want to do one for my little girl!! would love to see that!

  7. such good new, but i must say i'm not surprised at all. your stuff is fresh and junky and that is an awesome combination!!

  8. This booth must be your calling my dear!! your treasures are flying out the door, can I say I knew you before you had your booth and you were rockin' it? congrats, now show your bedroom already, sheesh!

  9. Wonderful news with the success of your booth! My hubby is from Dickson, so I would love to know which stores you enjoyed browsing through. I have never taken the time to do much treasure hunting when we are there. I also love Leipers Fork and if you think Bell Buckle is large, have you heard of Buck Snort in West TN? Also, where is your booth? I am pretty new to your blog, but love it. Feel free to email me at, I am interested in where you went in Dickson. Thanks!

  10. Your booth looks AMAZING! just gorgeous!!

  11. What a success the booth is!! Shortly, you will have your own STORE!!!

  12. That IS a fantastic problem to have!
    I always grumble a little when I sell a big piece, because I know I have to re-set everything, but it sure beats the alternative. ;-)

    Your space looks fabulous!!!


  13. Congrats Michelle

    Everything looks amazing and I am sure your customers are loving your talent and style. Much much success always. Have a wonderful week!!!


  14. Your booth is fabulous! And I just knew those chairs would sell quick. Looks like so much fun!

  15. Hi, Michelle.
    I found your blog through my friend, Anne of Fiona and Twig, and I'm so glad that I took the time to check you out!
    I loved this post and I love your booth - the math flash card garland was so innovative! Love it:)
    I'm now following your blog hoping to keep up with your wonderful gift.
    Warmly, Jan

  16. Sounds Great Michelle,You have a Fabulous Booth and I'm not a bit surprised that you're selling your wonderful stuff so quickly!looks like you had so much fun!Thanks for sharing.

  17. so happy to hear of your success! much deserved my dear. thank you for your comment on my blog today...but that kitchen wouldn't have been clean if it had been my was the hubbys:) love all your "fluffing"...

  18. That is a great problem to glad to hear your spots doing well.

  19. Hi Michelle!
    So nice to meet you!
    Oh how I love your little booth! The whole neutral decor is so gorgeous! I want the mirror and the crate box! Love your flashocard garland! Oh and I collect vintage black silk top hats so of course seeing one there and on the pillow too just speaks to me! Congrats on your latest sales!
    So glad I found your blog through Maison Decor this morning. I'll put you in my reader now to not miss another post!
    Sending you my best wishes for a happy day, or better week from Germany


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