Friday Etsy Favorites *Lace*

Happy Friday to you all!  This summer is just flying by... in 2 weeks I will have a 2 year old!  Yikes!  It just goes by so fast... let me know if any of you have figured out how to slow it down.  Well, since I showed you that doily rug last week, I keep thinking about how much I really like lace and doilies.... doilies are so happy and fun. So, the theme of this week's Friday Etsy Favorites is *lace*

I love this! Wouldn't a whole wall of these sprinkled about look just great?
That could be an idea for my powder room that I want to redo.... don't kill me if you are reading this Mr. Hughes!

Love these!  such a pretty blue!
found at olive heart

Grey and doilies?!?  Yes please!  looks like a great, roomy bag and I love the name of the shop!

Isn't this the perfect femme/ masculine pillow?  Just like I like it, not too sweet *wink*
found at evakatharina

again, so sweet, but not too!  This little pouch is perfect for the cowgirl in you
found at track and field *pssst, loads of goodies here *

This necklace is so fun!  I think it would look great with a plain white tee... but I think everything looks good with a plain white tee!
found at white owl

I think this would be perfect in my pear green kitchen.

Green is my favorite color.... this shirt is perfection!
found at new duds

and you can dress up some gifts for your bff's with these!
found at aruricards

Well, there you go.... now I am daydreaming about redoing my powder room doily-ish!  
We are off to the booth to add some goodies and a new piece of furniture.  Then, I will be working on some special little boy's owl birthday party..... I may be going overboard with the pom poms......
Bye for now!


  1. I really like that bag!
    I know the feeling about you baby being two. Mine turned two in April, and it's hard to say the words "just over two" when people ask how old she is. Before I know it, she'll be three. *sniff*.... ;)

  2. hi michelle,

    love all your pics!

    i found out that one of my readers does make healing jewelry. it's beautiful too.

    her site is monkey grass hill. you should check it out. she makes beautiful jewelery period.


    ps - was never able to slow my boys down let alone time. good luck with that one.

  3. ohhh love this everything, my heart runneth over for doilies!!! happy Friday, xo!

  4. So many good ideas...very new and creative uses for an old art!!

  5. Gorgeous pics...think I might try that crocheted doily rug!!

  6. Nifty stuff!
    Doilies aren't just for grannies anymore! :-)

  7. Love going to estate sales and going through boxes and boxes of doilies. I must go over to track and field, that pouch has my name on it, I'm sure. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I love all of these great finds on etsy. I love doilies and lace and love to see it used on a modern way.

  9. amazing finds! thank you so much for featuring our necklace on your lovely blog! :)

    ~White Owl

  10. such a good list this week! i'm kind of in love with that feather pillow and the horse clutch. and don't even get me started on the print from lucky bluebird. i have her wash your hands please owl print hanging in my bathroom and it makes me smile every time i see it.

    have a happy weekend friend!!

  11. Oh what a great collection! Thank you so much for featuring my bag!

  12. Hi There,

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