Friday Etsy Favorites *French*

Happy Friday everyone!  I haven't been working on that bedroom redo that I mentioned... only because there may be a change of plans there... a good change of plans.... something that will require heavy lifting and some choice French words.  Which brings me to this Friday's Etsy Favorites theme: French.
I came up with a few wonderful items that are actually in my favorites that I haven't purchased yet.

I love paper and stationery.  And, I have often told Mr. Hughes that I wish I had a letterpress... so I could make beautiful cards like this. Found at letterpress.

And, I love the smell of lavender... it is warm and clean and crisp all at the same time.  You can find lavender sachets and scented items all over, but are they as pretty as these found here at dedeetsyshop?

You can't get anymore French than a vintage French paper.... I am sure that it would look perfect framed! Found at comeungarcon (located in France!)

I have a thing for embroidery hoops and this little French Bulldog is adorable!

Another obsession of mine... vintage mirrors.  And it is French grey.... so pretty...
Found at myparisroses

And, here is yet another obsession ( I promise I don't need to be committed... yet)  I love vintage crocks with writing on them... I have loads of Dundees and even a small French Mustard Jar.  But I don't have this one.  Found at eamartin6

And, finally, this gorgeous rug... I guess it isn't technically French, but it goes nicely with the whole collection.... Isn't it the best?  Are there words to describe the fabulousness?  I want it.

So, go visit these shops and show them some love... and if you must, buy something that is in my favorites!

I have a weekend planned of painting furniture... I have a few pieces finished that I will show you on Monday.

Have a most wonderful weekend!

Bye for now!


  1. Vive la France! I love the mega doily rug!!

  2. Love all things French, but please someone purchase me the -grey mirror-. Thanks for all your research. Love your blog!


    P.S. Forgot to say thank you for visiting my new space!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. sorry about the deleted message! too many typos. anyhow, i heart all things french! all of these pieces are so pretty, but i'm really in love with those sweet sachets. they are sooo lovely.

  5. I just love how etsy has a favorites button. I like to put things in my cart (actually I have some of your things in there right now!) and pretend that I am finally going to hit the "commit to buy" button - LOL

    I love all your Frenchies :) That big ol white doily rug is fab....might have to be on a wall in my house though - It would turn brown very quickly!

    Happy Friday!

  6. sooo funny _ i favorited that rug on etsy a while back .Can't quite afford its beauty yet. Gorgeous, isn't it???!

  7. ohhh my goodness love that rug, love it!! hope you have a great weekend with Gordon, lol!! muwahh!

  8. Great finds! That rug is amazing!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  9. okay...the big doily rug is insane!! i love it. i can't afford it, but i love it. must be a way to make one. thanks for the idea!

  10. too pretty...I'm in love with your finds!!!

  11. Hi there Michelle,
    So sorry for my absence lately but I've been staying with my sister whilst our husbands went to LeMans in France.
    .... and how appropriate that you are showing all things French. Thanks for all the links....I shall definitely be getting the credit card out !!!! XXXX

  12. Michelle!!! That rug is to die for!!! I plan on ripping the carpet up in our master and painting the cement chocolate brown. How perfect would a few of those crochete rugs looks in there!!!

    Thanks for the ideas, as usual.

  13. Michelle - thanks for sharing these sites! I'm going to definitely spend all day tomorrow happily checking them out! That gray framed mirror is just delicious, as is that rug. Just beautiful...

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  14. Found you through Miss Mustard Seed. I LOVE your blog (following you now). I adore your etsy picks, especially that rug! I want one. The pillow would make a great DIY project, too. Love. Love. Love. Stop by sometime! Just posted a faux zinc nightstand.


  15. Thank you kindly for including our Bonjour letterpress card. We are so honored! Your blog is adorable!

  16. Thank you for all the kind words and thank you Michelle for mentioning our Mega-Doily rug! Love your blog!



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