Mary Alice and Works in Progress

Well, hello there!  How's your week?  Mine is fine... sleepy and a little grouchy actually.  Just thought I would show you a booth update with the newest addition (don't have a before... sorry!)
Meet Mary Alice.  Why Mary Alice?  Well, my paper loving husband found a big stack of love letters to a Miss Mary Alice from a suitor.  He was quite fond of Miss Mary Alice... and it made for a pretty drawer liner once blown up.

So, whoever takes this piece home will have a nice little love letter surprise.  

I took her out with some other goodies to the booth on Friday and fluffed... it doesn't look fabulous, but it still has some fun finds.

A vintage rusty medicine cabinet with a fold down towel bar that I added a frosted cross

A little caddy perfect for picking or growing herbs

Some new tea towels on a rustic ladder

and a vintage birdcage spiffed up with a fun blue and moss... ready to add more small treasures (Mr. Hughes wants me to add a small rubber tiger to it.... so silly.... it needs a ceramic dog!)

I am currently working on:

This buffet and 

This table.... sorry for the bad before photos... only one was mine!

We have halted the stair project and the bedroom.  The bedroom doesn't need a lot... we may have shifted gears.  And, the stairs may still happen soon, but I am in birthday party mode right now and....


 That is right, baby hughes peed on the potty for the very first time Sunday night. Now, it was a complete accident or perfect timing since he is not 2 yet (and I have heard boys are harder to train and they finish later) but sure I will try it.  

oh, and I have started an email list at the booth, so if you would like to be added to the list, let me know and I will get a small newsletter sent out soon.

Bye for now, 


  1. That's a sweet little table you are adding to your booth. Your booth looks full of goodies
    and it also looks like you have some big furniture projects underway.
    Having a booth is a never ending job. I work on mine every week and lately things have been moving out rather quickly.


  2. you are a genius! love the LOVE letters. sweet.

  3. I love all of those goodies, but Mary Alice is extra special.


  4. That table is really cute. All your other things are neat, too. You find awesome treasures!


  5. yay for early potty training! already going once on the potty makes it all sound very promising.

    love the name mary alice! and the love letters are such a splendid little touch.

  6. The love letters are so neat, what a great idea! I have a very good friend named Mary Alice so that made me smile extra big. I must have one of your medicine cabinets!!

    And big YAY for Baby Hughes using the potty already. Word of advice from a mom who didn't push it when my son first started showing interest--push it! Push it now. If he's interested, you may as well strike while the iron is hot. It wasn't too difficult, my daughter was 90% trained within 3 days, then the rest came pretty quickly after that. It may seem daunting, I know it was for me, but it isn't too bad at all. You may as well do it now and get it over with!! YAY!! :)

  7. I just love that you're naming your pieces. I actually did that with a few, but the yahoo's around here simply don't get me, *sigh*...

    Hooray for Baby Hughes! He's almost not a baby anymore! :-)

  8. Michelle- I'm drooling over that medicine cabinet...I've been looking for's so it SOLD yet? :-)
    My Daughter is in party planning mode for my Grand-daughter Hannah's Bday in August....potty training as well! LOL
    Tammy :-)

  9. Ohh I love Mary Alice and the love letters is such a nice touch inside the drawers! And of course I love the medicine cabinet...why do you live so far from me...actually it is probably good cause I would be broke! :) xo

  10. You have the best things - I don't know how you stay so strong and actually sell them! I definately would not be a good shop owner!

    I have two boys and thankfully they caught onto to potty training right away - I wish you luck with that because I have friends who thought that was the most agonizing time. :)

    Can I ask what color blue you use when you paint? It's the prettiest blue ...

    Have a great day! Sarah

  11. would love to be added to your email list

  12. Thanks Michelle. I appreciate it. You have the sweetest looking booth. If I lived closer I would be sure to visit.

  13. I LOVE the love letters as a drawer liner, excellent idea!

  14. Lovely items you got there friend. I'd have to say that they bird cage is my fave. Especially love the idea of adding the love letters to the inside of the drawer...clever. :)


  15. Oh my goodness, if I lived closer that medicine cabinet would have to be mine. Love, Love, Love your creative touches.

  16. I love that table with the love letters in the drawer and that color!!! Everything looks really great

    I'm in the middle of trying to potty train too:)

  17. Mary Alice is is all your other goodies.

  18. Oh...and yes we do use the vintage quilts...they're perfecting for snuggling under.

  19. Michelle,

    I love the "Mary Alice" side table. Is it still available? I could get lost in your booth looking at all your treasures.

    Your Friend,


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