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Photo from Mecox Gardens
I am sure some of you remember the lovely planter that I blogged about awhile ago. You can buy it here for $1950. Isn't it absolutely fabulous? The last time I checked though, I haven't one the lottery or put on a winter coat and found $4000 in the pocket ( I wanted 2!) So, I am hopeful that since I went and stole the photo and the idea that someone will buy them from Mecox Gardens. Everyone else can make the vintage junky version for about $40 each:

Do you like it? I can't really take credit for this at all, except for the painting. Mr. Hughes built them. I wish I could give you dimensions and a schematic, but he built one to the size we needed and then copied it. What I can tell you is that we used leftover wood from the deck, lion's head door knockers (about $7 each), and feet from antique bathtubs ($32 for 2 sets of 4.) Mr. Hughes built the planter and placed the feet at a 45 degree angle so that it would set level. He then used a cobalt drill bit to drill holes in the feet at an angle. He said that it was important that you drill the screws into the wood, but miss the prong that was originally used to attach them to the tub. Sounds confusing, huh? If you want to know more about this process, email me and I will have Mr. Hughes explain it better. He then screwed on the door knockers (we purchased these off ebay, but I have seen them at flea markets before.) I then painted everything a creamy white with the hopes that it will weather and the rust will come thorough and make the paint flaky. They are already rusting a little I may add a grey glaze to age it a little more. I will probably put a fern or a boxwood in them next year, but this is what we found that was big enough at Home Depot. So, I know this wasn't the best tutorial, I apologize. I will promise to try to take during photos next time!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. It looks amazing! A fabulous job...I love the idea of the antique bathtub feet!

  2. Well.... I like your verson much better!!! I thought you were saying it was $19.50, holy moley $1950.00 OMG, no way!!!! LOVE yours, the white is beautiful!

  3. great job!!! it's awesome! Sometimes it ridiculous how expensive some things are...

  4. oh my gosh that is sooooooooo COOL !!!!!!!

  5. soooooooooooooo cute!!!!
    It came out really nice!

  6. Well, I'd say that you and Mr. Hughes did a fabulous job! I love it.

  7. Love that! Hacking stuff is a new obsession of mine -- glad to see I'm not alone!


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