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As promised, I am showing my latest vintage finds! This license plate is German... isn't it wonderful? It is almost my favorite number, 789. I am either going to post it on the potting bench Mr. Hughes just finished or weave a ribbon through those slots and hang it on the wall.

A large stack of vintage flour/grain sacks... I have a few plans for these.
A set of 9 scalloped napkins with embroidery on the corner.
I won these on ebay! Finally, something I haven't been outbid on! And they came from England by Royal Mail... maybe from the Queen! I love the look of them, but I never want to eat bloater paste! Can you believe that they put potted meat in these? Sure beats the cans vienna sausage comes in here.
And, something I have been, according to Mr. Hughes, obsessing over. White vintage luggage. I am jumping on the bandwagon and stacking them and using them as a nightstand in our bedroom. And, I am going to put them to use. I have a large plastic tote full of "memories" from my past. I am going to organize all of that stuff in these 2 cases. (please ignore the nasty dry leaves!)
Okay, these aren't vintage, but I love these pillows that I bought at Target last week.
Look! They are box cut with a flange and it is contrasting!! I love the detail!
And, the best buy of all.......
This beautiful chest! Isn't wonderful? It is missing a knob (which we have) and a strip of veneer (which we don't.)

Look at the key holes... fabulous!

I have wanted a chest like this for awhile. I found one for a good price right before I had Baby Hughes. It was my big girl piece of furniture, you know, one of those pieces you buy when you are a mature adult (snicker!) It had a much darker finish then this one. Well, instead of a piece of furniture for my mommy gift, Mr. Hughes bought me a beautiful pear shaped peridot ring in a vintage style setting. It was much easier to carry into the hospital. And, then I put that piece to the back of my mind. Then, when walking into a Junktique that we visit often, I saw this beauty. I nearly screamed! And, it was a quarter of the price. AND, (it gets better!) she was having 20% off. Oh my! So, I asked sweet Miss Linda to hold it while I went home to measure my spots that it might fit. And it fit in multiple spots. SOLD! Mr. Hughes even said that the construction is better than the other one even though the finish is not.

So, now my dilemma is this...does it stay in the entry? If so, it will be painted black or stained darker brown. The finish on the top is pretty bad, so it needs to have something down to it. OR, do I put it in my bedroom and paint it a beautiful French grey and hang lovely mirrors above it? Such important decisions! I guess I will help Mr. Hughes truck this upstairs this weekend and see how it looks up there. I will let you know where it stays and show you the makeover.


  1. so jealous! ALLLLL great finds! :)

  2. Loving the new treats you got a hold of!!! Tootles, Janna

  3. My great aunt has a chest almost identical to that one. I might need to persuade her to give it to me. And I love those cannisters. Absolutely lovely.

  4. I LOVE the license plate! Very fun.


  5. Where do you find your magnificent treasures? You dug up some good stuff, girl! And I just posted a pic of vintage white suitcases. :)

  6. Oh my goodness what fabulous finds...I want to live where you live...and I love those lace napkins and, well all of it!!!...I have a few of the meat paste pots...we found them in the house is Victorian and in the 19th century they used to have dumps at the end of the street where they threw old china and glass bottles etc. I often find bits of crockery and glass bottles when I'm gardening but they are mostly broken .I have got four or five of the meat paste pots and marmalade pots. Meat paste doesn't taste as bad as you think !!!!!

  7. wow! what a lot of great finds. I love the idea of painting that dresser a french grey! Sounds so lovely!

  8. Great stuff! Love the grain sacks. Yes, I will be at the flea market on Friday. Be sure to stop by and see me!

  9. Hey Michelle! Great, great finds! Love the license plate, as you know we share the number obsession. :) In my opinion, for what its worth, is that this beauty would look absolutely lovely with a mirror collage hanging above it. :) Happy weekend!


  10. I sure hope you don't paint it...that's empire mahogany! The missing veneer can be fixed, it's not too hard. :-)


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