Aarghh! We had a great time!

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about Baby Hughes' 1st Birthday. I thought I would share some photos with you. Unfortunately, both Mr. Hughes and I were running around trying to get everything finished and trying to capture the most important moments that we didn't get a lot of good photos of the decor. The above photo is a chalk drawing that Mr. Hughes did on our big chalkboard. He always does a different sketch for special occasions.
Yes, yes I made my son wear this ridiculous hat. And, one day he will probably find out that I posted it on here. And he will be mad. Oh well, I am sure I will manage worse through the years. This was actually on his birthday. I sugared him up 2 days in a row.
He started by picking the dots off individually. Then he realized that he had never had this delicious sugar concoction before...then he went to town!
So yummy! He stayed up until 1:30 playing with his toys and sweating off all that sugar. The next day we had his Pirate Party. We had set up most of it the night before, but we still ran around trying to get all of it finished before the early guests came.

Baby Hughes' pirate cake. It tasted better than the one the night before. We had the lady that made our wedding cake and groom's cake make it. The treasure chest was his personal cake to smash/eat. We also had mini key lime pies and goldfish chex mix.
The outside table centerpiece with a burlap runner, starfish, wooden swords and (empty!) bottles of rum.

The birthday banner that I blogged about earlier.
We put up sheets under the pergola that we bought from Goodwill for $1 each. It was very hot and sunny, so this was the only way to make it bearable. And, they kind of looked like sails. Mr. Hughes worried that he was going to catch the sails on fire while grilling the Salty Dogs, but thank goodness he didn't!
Our pirate flag!
The treat buckets I got from the Dollar Aisle at Target. I filled them with pirate bubbles, a pirate magnet, a pirate rubber ducky and temporary tattoos. I had wanted to have a temporary tattoo table where the guests all could get one, but we ran out of time.
The only shot I have of his Treasure Chest where the guests put their gifts for Baby Hughes.
The Pirate Punch Bar.
A really neat barrel cooler that we got at a local auction. It is so cool and keeps the ice frozen for a long time. I want to paint it white(but leave the metal dark) now that the party is over, but Mr.Hughes isn't thrilled about that.

The book we gave him the night before. We had all the guests sign it and we will read it to him every year.
I think this was the only time that he wasn't moving or being held by someone. And he doesn't look happy. But, I wanted to show you this cute shirt that I bought on etsy from happyfamily.
And here is the Hughes family blowing out our baby's candle. He wanted to grab it. He hasn't quite grasped blowing yet!
And here is my boy with cake on his forehead. He picked at this one too, but threatened any one who tried to take it away!

After all the presents were opened, he burned off his 2nd sugar rush in 24 hours by playing. He had such a good time and we enjoyed seeing our friends and family. So I guess I have a 1 year old now. It is so hard to believe! I will be back to posting about projects and vintage loveliness this week.


  1. What a fantastic party spread!!! Love this.... I just can't believe how cool the draping ship masts are... that must've been some hard work pulling all of that together!!!! Looks like soooo much fun! Munchkin had a ball, it seems!

    Aaargh, matey!
    Christina :)

  2. Wow oh wow. What a party. Will you be my mommy? Amazing job you did! And for a one year old. Dear one...I have one negative comment. Just what are you going to do next year? LOL. I loved your profile and so it has lured me to stay awhile and see how you have created your style in your home. BTW come by my blog I am doing a Gift a Way.
    Thanks for commenting over at Twice Remembered that's where I came by from.
    Have a Blessed Day...
    ARRGH (couldn't help it)

  3. Wow oh wow...I am back and I have to say since you can't be my mommy will you be my new BFF...you are so smart and so creative. I adore what you have done. You have some wonderful ideas. I love the outside chairs on the your porch and how you covered the seats with the clear plastic. Am wondering how it worked. I have an out door project rambling around in my head. And the tags you used from cows? Get out of town! I used to see stuff like that all the time if only I had been as smart. Well I am definately adding you to my fav's. Oh and Mr. Hughe's pirate ship out of what was that a planter? My you guys should sell this stuff. No please don't because I would never be able to afford you. Oh and I almost forgot Baby Jack's room the changing table and the letters now we have to copy the letters. But the high chair and the tag Hungry Jack. How smart you are. I smile just thinking about it. Well since I have written another book here I can hear you saying AARGHH will this woman just shut up! I'll go for now.
    Many Blessings,
    p.s. I have to tell my daughter to come and visit you. She has a 1 year old too.

  4. Great party! We'd love to feature this on cookiemag.com's Nesting blog. Please email colleen_egan@condenast.com if you're interested!

  5. What a neat, special day you planned for your little guy!

    My poor son. I just blogged about his sad, sad cake that I attempted make.

  6. Wow...looks like baby Hughes had a fab time! :)Super cute decorations! Nice job!


  7. Wow, that is so awesome, what a lucky fellow :)
    Well done! :) Loved the decorations

  8. What a fun, fun, FUN birthday theme! Way to go, Mommy!

  9. LOVE IT!! What a fabulous party!! I may have to steal some of your creative ideas!

  10. great job! i loved all the little details! i loved those white sheets! i just did a small post about my nephews pirate party! glad he had so much fun!


  11. What a great party, so many details and i love the theme...so cute!! you did a wonderful job and the sheets were a perfect solution it looks like for the heat, and i agree they do look like sails! happy 1 year old!

  12. Absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, Michelle!!!! So inspiring to me to do more than a Mickey D's (McDonald's!) b-day party for Madalyn!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    P.S. Mind if I post some of these pics on the blog??

  13. Saw your comment on Twice Remembered and the name Vintage Junkie popped out at me. Sounds a lot like myself. Any how, love baby Hughes nursery. I looooove Land of Nod. I have just been drooling over their catalog I got in the mail.

  14. What a wonderful party. I love all the details. I wish my son Jack were younger he would have LOVED a party like this.

  15. Thanks for the great ideas! What a great party. I'm linking this post to my blog so I can reference it later. :)

  16. You pirate party has been featured on *BEST OF THE WEB PIRATE PARTIES AND CAKES*

    Go to the end of the post to grab a button for your page.


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