Small Update to Dining Room

Well, I haven't been getting as much accomplished as I would have liked on my week off. Mr. Hughes is busy with work (thank goodness!) so we haven't gone anywhere. And, Baby Hughes is teething and has an ear infection on top of the lingering cold from last week. But, let me tell you... I would choose my fussy baby over work any day... and I mean that!! So, I have been keeping him entertained as much as possible and doing small projects. Did I mention that it has been raining? Thank goodness for that too, but I haven't been able to paint my new treasure that lovely shade of grey yet. Oh well, I did finally manage to slipcover my dining chairs. I blogged about it many months ago in this post. Here is the after with the slipcovers I bought from Pottery Barn on sale.

My chairs were okay, I just felt that the dining room needed a little pop. The window to the dining room faces our covered front porch, so the light is very filtered. And, the chairs can be a little uncomfortable during long dinners.
Here is a close up of the chairs (did I mention we got them for $35 a piece? can you see why I can't replace them?)
They didn't quite fit the seat of my chair, they looked a little saggy. They needed a boost! So, I had my lovely mother buy me some 2" foam (she works at Hancock Fabrics and let me know that it was 40% off!) I simply traced the seat outline on the foam with chalk and cut it. Now, I didn't do it as she suggested... have I ever told you I am impatient? She told me to use a serrated knife to get a smooth cut. Nope, I used scissors. Sliced my finger open too! And, you don't want to see the jagged edge that the scissors made (shhh! don't tell my mother!) But, it looks fine with the slipcover over it.

And, now they are cushy on my...well, you know what I am getting at. Now, I realized they need something else. The back seems like it would be a little more comfortable with a lumbar pillow. Then I remembered these pillows that I banished from the living room. I really still like them and they haven't found a forever home. So, I will ask my mother ever so sweetly to cut down these pillows to make a small lumbar cushion. I have 4 pillows and I think if I cut them down and back them with another fabric I can easily convince my mother to make 6.

I am sure she will. She makes Baby Hughes stuff all the time. Actually, if she would take a break from her projects for him, she would have time to get all the sewing stuff that I need finished. I mean I am her baby. Why does he get all the good stuff? Maybe I should tell her they are for him. Hmmmm.
Well, I have to actually work for a little while tomorrow. But then the plan for this weekend is treasure hunting at the Nashville Flea Market! I am hoping to find some goodies! By for now!


  1. looks fabulous! More pics--looks like there are some other awesome items in that room! That map! :)

  2. WOW!! The white looks so much better against the blue, your right, it does pop!

  3. Looks wonderful, the wall color.... too die for... the cushion in the chair is so chic!!! Tootles, Janna

  4. LOVE your wall color, Michelle! AND your slipcovers are awesome! I need some for my dining room chairs.


  5. Just love how your dining room is coming together. Great color choices. I love your style!

  6. That is a GORGEOUS ROOM!

    So do you live in Columbia? Email me, and we'll chat! theshabbychiccottage at rocketmail dot com

  7. Michelle:
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and offering your decorating wisdom. I really needed it! You're right about the ticking. I have yet to buy it for the bedroom, but when I do, I'll use some in the bath, add fresh towels and a few accessories and call it a day :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Looks fantastic! And I love that aqua shade on the walls...OH, and the apothecary-ish cabinet, too. :)

  9. Your dining room is GORGEOUS (I'm in love with your chandelier!). I actually really like your chairs sans slipcover.. they have a nice texture and rich color!

  10. what a fabulous dining room! i love those mercury glass candle pillars :-)

  11. Your colors are so retro, vintage and yet fresh and modern...I love to see what you have done to your lovely's inspiring!
    Mary Frances

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE your dining room. The wall color is fabulous, and I think that the vintage looking pattern on the pillows will be great.

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