Flea Market Weekend

Can you imagine having all these ceramic fittings in your bathroom? This was one of my favorite tables at the flea market this weekend. We had wonderful weather. We are normally fair weather flea market goers, which means August is out...too hot! We found alot of treasures. Here is a shot of a vendor that had some lovely chandeliers.
Mr. Hughes helped me to put together this little video of some of the incredible (look for the large brown pleated ottoman...would look great in white linen) and interesting things(the viking helmet that I wouldn't let Mr. Hughes get to mow the lawn in.) Please excuse the roughness...Mr. Hughes had some trouble with the editing software.

After we left the flea market, I needed to go to the bathroom BAD!! I don't do the rest rooms there! So, I told Mr. Hughes to stop at the nearest, cleanest bathroom that just happened to be at Gas Lamp Antique Mall. I'm pretty wiley, huh? Well, what do you know? We found some treasures there too. Here are a few of the things that I thought were particularly wonderful.
I have a thing lately for naked lamps... love what this retro booth did with the tags!
These posters were from a salesman's catalog. They had spaces for fabric swatches on the back. I may go back and get these for Mr. Hughes' office/library.

This isn't my style, but I love the orange, retro thing this booth has going on.
This booth was great! I wanted to take this home even though I have no place for it.

Now, are you ready to see what I brought home with me?
I bought this vintage cart.... AFTER we went to the flea market. How crazy is that? We were talking about buying a new one there, but luckily, Baby Hughes wanted out of his stroller and graciously let us use it to haul our stuff! I think I am either going to put my oval German license plate on it or make a vintage junky sign.

And, this vintage fireplace insert. I saw one a few months back that was a little larger and looked like zinc and was much more than I would pay. So, I was thrilled when I found this one at the flea market. I will probably put 3 plants on it in front of our fireplace. It won't come into the house until Baby Hughes gets a little more steady on his feet. I can just see him falling and hitting his head on it.
And, all of these goodies! This is a mixture from the antique store and the flea market. That number 7 milk cooler came from fellow blogger Theresa from time-worn interiors. She was so sweet to talk to and her booth was beautiful!! I wish she would come every month, Mr. Hughes is secretly glad that she doesn't! I got the wonderful shield frame and the naked lampshade... I think the dealer thought I was nuts when I asked him if I could buy just the wire frame and not the gorgeous lamp it was attached to. I found a couple of ironstone pieces... a $1 plate and a toothbrush holder. I have never even seen one before. I got the 2 grey soda crates to store canned food in when we redo our pantry. And a giant flower frog... pretty neat huh?

We finished off our Saturday by eating at Mellow Mushroom (yum!) and going to a few shops in Downtown Franklin. Only bought a small plant there that is destined to die, but it looks cute under my cloche for now. So, I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the flea market and my blatant bragging of my wonderful finds!


  1. Michelle,
    The flea market was GREAT this weekend! Next time we'll have to get together to shop & drag the Mr.s to lunch afterwards.

    Did you make it towards the back cattle barns? That's my favorite area of the entire flea market. You found some beautiful things this week. Don't ya just LOVE that place?

  2. How much fun you must of had, I wish I was there. i love your blog and became an instant follower after stunmbling on to visiting another blog. Your dining room is Glamerous dahling ;) enjoy your day!


  3. Wow Michelle...fab finds! Wish we had flea markets here, but no. :( I was drooling over all of the lovely, chippy things in your video...sigh...are you by chance it TN?


  4. Hey Michelle! We don't live in TN, but my sis and her fam do...they live in Clarksville. Hopefully we'll be going to visit them at Christmas. :)


  5. Looks like you had a fantastic junk adventure, LOVE the 7 milk cooler!! Janna

  6. What great treasures you found! I LOVED your video! It was just like being there...well, almost! Thanks for sharing!
    Laura :)

  7. you found some awesome stuff! i definitely need to start hitting up flea markets and antique malls.

  8. Oh My Goodness. Are you in Nashville? This is very strange. I live in LA, but was in TN last week and attended the flea market and talked to the old architecture hardware guy (who had the cat on a leash) for a long time. That's how I recognized where you must have been. Coincidence eh? I love that flea market and hope to move to TN someday - beautiful place.

  9. Can I ask which flea market this was? I live in Mid Tn close to Franklin. I know that there is a N'ville flea market, but haven't gotten to it yet. Is there one in Franklin, too?? I HAVE to check it out! You found some great things!


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