Idea Overload!

Isn't this a lovely planter? You can buy it off of Mecox Gardens for a hefty price or you can make one yourself for much, much less and add to your ever growing list of projects like we did. Each project we start exponentially adds additional projects. I just keep coming up with more and more is like I am breeding project rabbits! And, this isn't the week to add anything else because this is Baby Hughes' birthday week and we have alot of company coming this weekend to celebrate his 1st birthday. But, the wheels keep turning... for instance, I have decided that I don't like that the back of our front door is white, so I am going to paint it...what color? I don't know yet. And, we have had our Dash and Albert runners for the stairs for months and the nasty carpet remains. And, since Mr. Hughes moved his office into the library (doesn't that sound nicer than bonus room?) I have a bedroom filled with stuff. Stuff that needs to be taken to Goodwill. Stuff that needs to be put away. Stuff that is destined to become something. Stuff that needs to move so we can have our craft room , or whatever we decide to call it. Yes, all of that is on the list too. But, you know what? I have to put that list on hold this week and enjoy what I have left of 11 months, week 4. Because it really does fly by. And he deserves a nice party for the cranky week he is having (the 2nd tooth is a monster along with his 1st ever diaper rash.) And the company will just have to get over the fact that the home tour ends downstairs. Baby Hughes will get his cake and I will get to celebrate that I have been a mommy to my happy little guy for a whole year.


  1. Well, it sounds like you are going to be very busy! :) If you stumble upon anything that you don't want...PLEASE let me know! I would love the opportunity to take it off your hands! :) Be sure to let us know how the party goes. I'm sure it will be fab!



  2. Sounds like you're very busy. All these decorating blogs I'm following are filling me up with ideas and sometimes it's hard to know when to stop :)

  3. poor guy! it is common for a diaper rash to come along with teething! ouch! i hope he has a wonderful birthday! are you going to teach us how to make that lovely planter? thanks!

  4. oooh can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done-that's a great planter! :)

  5. Michelle--thank you for reminding me that the little one begging for my attention is way more important than how my "stuff" is arranged...She'll be three in just one short month--can't believe it!

    I'll be back teaching in no time at all and will miss our lazy days together--kids are beautiful, aren't they?! ;)

    Hugs to you and your little guy,


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