Lazy Saturday and opinions needed

It is a very lazy Saturday here at the Hughes home. We have all been sick at some point this week. That's right! Someone brought germies to Baby Hughes' birthday! How thoughtful! Thanks for the lovely gift AND the cold! Oh well, he has been handling it very well considering it caused his very first ear infection. It did get him out of his shots for the time being, so I think he must be pretty pleased. I just got the fabulous symptoms yesterday. So, I am too sick to complete major projects, but not sick enough to stay out of Mr. Hughes' hair about doing some rearranging. We decided that the new vintage chest will be of more use upstairs in our bedroom. So, it left me with a few options downstairs. I could move it back the way it was:

This is how it has looked for a couple of years. This is a vintage stereo cabinet that we gutted the speakers and replaced with the bins that hold scarfs and umbrellas. It also holds our junk box. We don't have a junk drawer, but we do have a box filled with pens, tape, and just junk. I am a little tired of the green, it has always been a little bright. And, it doesn't flow into the dining room. But it is really useful in the entry. Painting it is always an option.
Or should I go with this look:

I like this even if it is a little atypical of me...I am not usually a red person. The table ties in with the color in the dining room. I added the basket for shoes. Mr. Hughes made this his only request: it has to be useful. And, a space to take off your shoes and store them is useful. If this look stays, then I will likely cover the chair with a grain sack. Regardless of what I choose, the painting stays. It is a Mr. Hughes original and it won't look great anywhere else because of the red. Besides, I love it. It is a friendly way to enter our home.

So, dear readers, which do you like better? And why? I really appreciate your opinions.

So, I will wait patiently (yeah right) for your opinion. I guess while I am waiting I will unload the dishwasher. If I am well enough to scoot furniture and blog about it, then I am well enough to do some chores!


  1. If you're tired of the green stereo cabinet, then I say change it up! That funky blue table looks fab paired with that chair!

  2. I love how all the colors are related to the painting. It looks great. I guess the main question is: does it work for you?

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. I absolutely love the 2nd pic, that chair is TDF!

  4. Hello Michelle! Both looks are fab, though I think that I like the bottom arrangement the best. :) LOVE the turquoise table! Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Your a brave soul to go with color like that. I have been thinking about colors myself considering doing my four white rockers each a different color like your lovely blue, yellow,red and hmmm don't know about the last one. I love your cabinet. I had to re-read your post to figure out what it was. It is interesting with the doors being different sizes. I really like it. I like the chair and small table. I actually have one almost like it. But it isn't painted as of yet. Mine looks bigger but maybe not.. I think I like the entry way with chair and small table just looks inviting. I hope you guys all get better. It isn't much fun feeling yucky.
    Have a great week.

  6. Both of them look good but I think I will have to say that I prefer the sedong picture. As for that painting, it is really gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant.

  7. Very cute.. i love the aqua blue table.. I do not have any of that color in my house.. so that may be in the works for me! Cute blog.. I am be back.. Smiles

  8. My opinion is "colored" by the fact that I'm totally smitten with the aqua and red combo! LOVE NUMBER TWO! But, what YOU like is what matters...

  9. this was 2 years ago, but the new pic is awesome. you created a magazine-worthy entry!


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