Friday Etsy Favorites *Cupcake*

Hello everyone!  It is Friday again... love those Fridays.  And, I have fun plans this weekend.  And, it involves *Cupcakes*  I know, I know.  They are "over with" and so "cliche."  Well, I am a late bloomer, so humor me.  Ever since I made the owl cupcakes, I have been looking for an excuse to make more.  And, this weekend I have one.... my goddaughter's impromtu birthday lunch.  So, here is how I would love to make them in style...

1st: Tie on a super cute apron becuase cupcake baking is messy work!
found at Pamwares

2nd (well actually first probably) Make sure your kitchen is cute enough to justify you spending time in it to begin with.  And, this sign is super cute... my Grandpa used to sing this song
found at Farouche

Next, pull out your recipe (adore letterpress!)
found at sweet harvey

Now, give something to your little monster or they are going to want to play with the salmonella batter
Don't think these would fool baby hughes though...

Where are those room temperature eggs... apparently very necessary.... oh here they are in my adorable bowl!

I am feeling indecisive... which cupcake wrappers... these or

(I ordered both... found them at cupcake social)

Ding!  They are done... hot, hot, hot!

Okay, now how should I decorate them...
alright, the black floral wrappers get these

edible sugar butteflies
found at sugar robot

And the white, whimisical wrapper will get these in the mini size!

Now, let me put that on a mini plate for you

and you will need a napkin to wipe that yummy frosting that is on your face
 for the adults:

found at betsy grace

and for the littles

or should that be the other way around....
found at cakehouse

Okay, I am off to my friday job of fluffing the booth.  The chairs and the bench sold, so I am taking a piece that got Tarafied last week...

Then I plan on spending quite a bit of time outside.... it has been so pretty this week.  Oh, but don't let me forget to make those cupcakes for my sweet, sassy goddaughter... you want to see what I got her... okay... don't tell her *wink*

found and purchased here

Oh... and I have a powder room to finish.... better get busy, busy, busy!!

Bye for now!


  1. this is a seriously fun list. i can't stand how cute those pink and orange cupcake liners are. i need to go buy some right.this.minute.

    and i also need those felt kitchen utensils. I mean seriously. how can you resist that cuteness.
    my kids would flip for those!

  2. Thanks so much!
    What a great post ;)
    I feel the need to bake now...well maybe on saturday morning

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my tapas plates! What a fantastic collection of finds! :)

  4. Wow, fantastic finds! Thank you so much for including my work! Great blog!

  5. What a beautiful narration of a fun Saturday morning!
    Thank you for using our mixing bowl :)

  6. so fun, love all of the pretties that go into making cup cakes! enjoy your weekend!! xo

  7. What a cute post. I love all your kitchen goodies and pretties.


  8. You always pick the bestest stuff!

    And congrats on selling your fab furniture pieces. I knew you would rock that booth.


  9. You have got to stop with this. It is costing me a lot of money!!

  10. Love the blog and thank you for including my apron in the post! smiles!


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