Some Befores, Some Afters

Happy Monday night!  It could be worse, it could be Monday morning again.  Sometimes I think Mondays physically hurt my spirit.  Ahhh well, we are a little closer to the weekend right now, huh? 
I thought I would share some pieces that I finished recently.  On Labor Day while many of you were bbqing, I was trying to get some pieces painted during naptime.  And I got quite a few finished.  Some you have already seen.  The above chair (the Bess) said bye-bye on Saturday (we delivered it to the booth on Friday).  I don't have a before of this chair that I can find, but it wasn't pretty.  I often think about many years  (or weeks) down the road when someone finds one of these pieces and is like "Dear Barbara, why in the world would anyone paint a chair that color of blue."

Here is a chest that also sold this weekend.... I really liked it...

Ugly... agreed?

and after

The Savannah... love the name, adore the place

And here is a piece that in no way, shape, or form was going to fit in my house.  Believe me... I tried!!

why oh why would I want a rusty old wheely thing with no shelves and broken glass in my house?

Well, because Dr. Livingstone looks pretty good cleaned up!

We had some marble from a piece that we bought... it was broken in half, so we took it to our granite guy and had him cut it down so it would fit this vintage dental cabinet.

I seriously lugged this piece inside up 4 steps from the garage and tried it in the powder room (while Mr. Hughes was away, of course... he doesn't approve of me lifting heavy stuff and I don't have the patience to wait!)
Now, me and baby hughes could use the bathroom just fine... anyone taller than me though.... well, it would have been a squeeze, so off to the booth it went.

Well, what do we have here?  Well, this is my secretary, Kate (and my terribly messy garage.)
No, silly geese... this is the before... 
What the heck did they do to her?  Why oh why?

See all those cubbies... well, I have something special planned for them.... very *just for me* kind of special.  She is in the works girls and I hope to have her in the house by this weekend.
Pray for cooperative monsters and husbands! (no, don't really pray for that!!)

Okay, now, if you haven't, please enter my giveaway!  

Bye for now!


  1. Girl, I need that dental cabinet!
    You're killin' me here. :-)

  2. I've been looking for a similar secretary. We saw one at a thrift store, 150.00! No thanks. That doesn't = thrifty to me. Am I right? Well, some day I'll find what I'm looking for.

  3. Michelle, love your stuff! I have a similar dental cart in my master bath, but I love the marble shelf you put on yours. At two estate sales we have had a nice piece of marble that I have passed up, darn.

  4. How pretty is that dental cabinet! Love the color and the addition of the marble is perfect!

  5. Gosh, I want one of each!!

    Love that dental cabinet.


  6. Beautiful transformations! I just love the colors of blue that you use! I need to repaint my dresser now!

  7. Yes I too LOVE that Dental Cabinet, the marble is a great touch! Love your precious blue color! That secretary is so great...look forward to seeing that finished!
    Happy Tuesday!
    Tammy :-)

  8. ohh ahh, the dental cabinet came out fantastic, so original and fun and of course I love Savannah so pretty...can't wait to see how Kate comes out, glad she is staying put! xo

  9. that dental cabinet is lovely it makes me forget how much i loathe the dentist. i can't wait to see how kate comes out. she's got lovely, lovely lines. praying for cooperative monsters! have a happy day friend.

  10. I am doing curtains on my french doors in what looks very very similar to that first fabric.

    DYING over that dental marble top thing. Perfect for an en table. Perfect.

    All of it is just amazing.

  11. I love seeing what you do with all your pieces. Just gorgeous!!! It's closer to the weekend :)

  12. the dresser is adorable, but the dentist cabinet- to die for!!! oh are you sure you can't keep it?!?!?

  13. I can't wait to see what you do to your secretary!!! I wish I had room for that dental cabinet. You have the best ideas for transforming your finds!

  14. I think I have that exact same secretary! Mine was bought in Denver about 40-45 years ago and has a chinoiserie design on it, but the shape of the whole thing is the same - top, feet, cubby arrangement. Do you know much about the history of yours?

  15. Michelle,

    I love the vintage dental cabinet. You did an amazing job on it! It's no wonder your things only remain in your shop for a day or two. They are all gorgeous!

    Your Friend,

  16. hi michelle,

    i have not been by in a while and was wondering what you've been up to and i see it's paint. love that dental cart with marble top. and i love the way you name your pieces. kate my secretary. very cute.



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