Friday Etsy Favorites *Organize*

Fabulous Friday, so glad to see you once again.   I have missed you... do you think there is any way you could stop by more often?  Oh and feel free to bring Saturday and Sunday with you... they are my kind of people.  When are we going to have some fallish weather... it is still pretty darn warm here.  And, all the plants are dying... you DO NOT want to see my front porch ferns and potted plants... so sad.  Well, some of you get that spring cleaning bug... not me... I want my hands in the dirt and enjoy the breeze.  I get the Fall Cleaning Bug.  I mean, we are going to be cooped up in this house for a few months, so why not clean and purge now.  And, that is what I have been doing... can you tell...nope, it looks as though I have made a bigger mess and have more work.  But, I have a master plan you see, a vision if you will.  And, I am about to *Organize*

I have a confession.  I don't do addresses.  I am always, always begging for addresses.  I think I could use this bright little number to help out!
found at nauli

*hello* cheerful clothespins, I could use you for so many things....
found at maddyanne

A little bit of vintage goodness to help you get organized
and by you, I mean me... it's mine... mine all mine....
found at mabel blue

so love these... for baskets, for bins, for drawers
found at sweetkate

I am reluctant to show you this.  Because I have another confession.  I rarely, rarely show off my very favorite vintage items... they are one ofs you know.  And, one of YOU ladies may swoop in and buy it. 
Well, I am taking a chance.  I lalalalove this!
found at sadieolive

One of these planners will be mine... I am quite indecisive as she has a few really cute designs.  I have a little while longer to make up my mind... I am leaning towards the green!
found at sarahpinto

love these too... gosh I am a risk taker... it is like hiding the last perfect sweater under a pile of ugly pants...
DON'T BUY THEM!  teehee

I have been doing some serious organizing in this baby...

And, it has been brought to my attention that my furniture names are a little sexist.  Well, most of my pieces are quite girly and I am surrounded at home by boys.  But I thought I would humor him and honor him all at once.  So, this pratical piece of vintage goodness is Bubba.

Well, we are off to the booth.... Della and Michelle said adios (Della went to a *very* good home where I know she fits in just fine *wink*)
And, I need to get back here and make my other birthday boy some cupcakes for his big day....

.....have I ever mentioned that I married a much, much older man

Bye for now!

oh and remember you have until Monday to enter my giveaway


  1. Funny!! I love Bubba by any name!

  2. So funny that you put the disclaimer not to buy any of your favorites! I too have been hesitant to post my etsy faves....I swear someone is buyin them all up! LOL

    Oh and as far as the masculine names for furniture, I just named my newest find "Oscar"....hes old, crusty and rusty :)Love him tho!!

  3. Dear Michelle,
    I am so in awe of are certainly getting organised for a good Autumn're a better girl than I !!!! Perhaps this post will get me motivated. I have been over to all of the sites you have mentioned and will definitely be purchasing some things. Thanks so much for the links....keep 'em coming !! XXXX

  4. loving bubba!!! and all these organization ideas, off to buy the pink filer! ha just kidding, did your heart skip a beat?? :) Happy birthday to Mr. Hughes and happy weekend, oh and yes Saturday and sunday are my kind of people too!

  5. Lovely post! So sorry you missed out on the pink file box. :o( I'll try and give you a heads up if I come accross another! :o)

  6. I love the number tags and Bubba! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Bubba is wonderful!

    I'm loving those sweet clothespins!

  8. bubba turned out great! and i like the tiny bunting i see peaking out from the edge, hanging on that picture. more photos please! that looks super cute.

  9. Is Bubba available for sale in your booth? He's sooooo cute!!


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