Friday Etsy Favorites *Industrial*

Hi Friday... nice to see you again... and you guys too!  I took an extra day off this week and enjoyed the day yesterday with a haircut and pizza and ice cream.  Oh, and we went to our favorite farmers market too and baby hughes picked out a pumpkin and I got 4 baby white ones to maybe change up things a bit.  It is still in the low 90s here, so I will wait to bring home the big stack of grey ones...  I don't do loads of Halloween decorating, but I do like me some pumpkins... and I leave them out til they start to rot... one never did... like I just ended up throwing them out... whoa.... rambling here.  Okay, back to the task at hand...This week's Friday Etsy Favorites *Industrial*

How awesome is this propellor?  Wouldn't be great hung up on a wall?  
found at bellalulu

I never get tired of locker baskets... I am going to happen upon a load of them one of these days and I will be a happy, happy girl!

Perfect for your cottage kitchen to take away the too sweetness
found at junk2funkbiz

are you swooning?  I am!

wouldn't a pair of these be great to hang ferns from?

If I had a old vintage kitchen island, this would be on it with a big roll of paper.

Love this organizer... just think of all the things... like vintage buttons or shells, arranged by color

This lamp is perfect for our library... love that stool too!
also found at french by design

We are off to go fluff the booth, taking some new pieces out... I have finished a few pieces and I will be back next week and have some befores and afters....
oh yeah... and I am having a giveaway on Monday *wink*
Have a great weekend!

bye for now!


  1. I am swooning! I am such a sucker for industrial stuff! LOVE the pendant lights! And of course, the cart! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm drooling over the stool.
    I LOVE the blades.
    I'm desperate for that cart!
    Awesome finds!

  3. They are all such great pieces! Nothing beats is the best!!!


  4. Thanks so much for featuring us!! I love industrial pieces.. I have a ton more that i haven't even posted yet!! Its hard to sell them!

  5. Love your finds and your blog! Awesome!

    Thanks for featuring one of my items -
    All the Best to You and Yours!

  6. I LOVE industrial vintage style like this. A few stunning pieces paired with softer, more feminine elements... I can't handle it!

    Your blog is wonderful - thanks for sharing your fabulous taste. And a big thank-you for including something from my shop!


  7. love all of these choices, makes me think I need more industrial in my house!! :) happy fluffing and friday! xo

  8. You and I would get along VERY well. That's all I have to say! (-:


  9. when you find that stack of locker baskets will you save me one or two? pretty please. i do love them but they're pretty scarce around these parts. i love that floor lamp! sigh. i know just where i'd put it. i do have those lights in my kitchen though. 2 of them replaced the tacky as tacky can be lights that were in our casa when we bought it. speaking of ramblin....i should stop now and just wish you a very happy weekend!!

  10. I want those wire baskets in a bad way. My wallet does not. :)

  11. Ahhhh, now you're speaking my language!
    I loves me some industrial. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  12. What a great collection- thank you so much for including me in it! :)
    Jill (bellalulu)


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