Meet Della

Hello there!  Hope your week has been great so far.  I was served "dinner" by a very cute waiter (barefoot, owl t-shirt) that served me some juice (that he grabbed back from me and drank) and calorie free, light as air cookies (well, they were air.)  Plus, I have been working on some pieces for the booth and a few new designs for the etsy shop and listed some vintage items.
So, here is the piece that is currently residing in our entry, Della.

It is a little different than I usually do... but I really like the way it looks.

And here is what she looked like before her little nip and tuck:

All the really cool trim had fallen off... so I just painted her a pretty warm grey.

And, since I dyed my doilies, I am crazy about dying stuff.  So I did these new ruffle pillows

Frayed ruffles... grey.... 

And I have a new towel design too

and a few new vintage items

Okay, that is enough of self- promotion! I will be back Friday with some etsy favorites!

Bye for now!


  1. Mmmmmkay....e-mail with the deets about Della.
    Paint color, technique, etc.

    I need paint help in the worst way.

  2. she's pretty! and i like her little gray friend, too.

  3. Dear Michelle,
    Della has turned out beautifully. I love the way that you transform these old and tired pieces into such lovely items. Just gorgeous.
    Whenever I see anything with owls on them or see an actual owl, I always think of your dear little baby Hughes !! XXXX

  4. turned out fabulous! i love the soft color of it. just gorgeous!

  5. What a great makeover on the chest. Looks great.
    Love your dyed pillow with ruffles too.


  6. I absolutely love that tea towel....I will find it on your etsy! Also, I like what you did with that dresser, looks fab now!


  7. Della looks fanatstic, as does the darling ruffled grey pillow..I swear do you ever sleep, or do the air cookies and all sugar keep you up?

  8. i love the dresser and the paint color is perfect! please tell us the color name.

  9. Looks great!! Really liking that dyed pillow with the ruffles!
    Tammy :-)

  10. Yum-may! What a gorgeous color on that buffet/dresser....lovely!

  11. AGH! Every time I open your post, I want to drive asap to TN!!
    Della is gorg.
    How do you get your hydrangeas to look like that? Amazing grey color, I am in love with it.


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