Friday Etsy Favorites *Sky*

hey there kids!  It is Friday again... we don't really have anything "planned" persay, but I imagine we will find some good clean fun somewhere along the way.  Have I mentioned that I adore September?  I may or may not have kissed Mr. Hughes for the first time 6 years ago today.... c'mon... girls keep up with this stuff!! So, in celebration of the swirly wonderful September sky, I present my etsy favorites *Sky*

Okay.. love this... like I wish this was in my backyard right now (the whole set up that is... brick wall and all)
Found at heidi adnum

I am always drawn to this particular shade of yellow.  And, when it is paper butterflies ahh perfection!
found at megitys

okay this pincushion "sold out" but I am thinking that maybe if I beg I can get one still *wink*
I never knew I NEEDED a sky pincushion before now
found at seapinks

I think I may have mentioned my love affair with all things letterpress.  Everything looks great letterpressed!
Love this card!
found at letterpress

how happy, happy, happy is this? so sweet... spread them around!
found at mommyholly

Alright, I don't know how you feel about framed bugs, but we at the Casa de Hughes love them!  We went to a butterfly conservatory on our honeymoon in St. Maarten and they framed up the ones after they died naturally.  We bought 2 and I have always wanted a 3rd... so, one of these will be purchased as soon as I make a decision on which one.

If we didn't already have a growth chart handpainted by Mr. Hughes, this one would be on its way.
I love vintage hot air balloons
found at chocovenyl

the pillow says it all
found at freshline

This print is darling!  And happy
found at carambatack

if only everyone had a silver lining

A little bird told me that The Roost and Three French Hens is having a birthday party on Saturday with cake.  Yum!  So, I am sure we will be by the booth this weekend.

Here's hoping that all your skies are beautiful this weekend!
Bye for now!


  1. Isn't ETSY the best! I just received my bunting banner from
    It is beautiful. Lots of talented people out there....
    I also recently made one for my daughter too, very easy, but mine was out of craft paper!


  2. Hi there- Thanks so much for blogging about my dictionary bird cutouts! :) I adore this collection of items- so happy and inspiring! That "cloud with the silver lining" print may just have reached the top of my must-have list. Love your blog, I am your newest follower!!
    xoxox Holly

  3. Thanks from Chocovenyl for blogging our Balloons Rule Height Chart.
    For vintage lovers we've just launched the amazing Belle and Boo collection of wall stickers, visit

    Sky High? Hot Air Balloons by Belle and Boo!

    xoxo Nataly

  4. thanks so much for including us in this lovely post!!!!

  5. Thanks for including me in your post! Now I have a few more etsy shops to heart. I especially love that print on the vintage book page.

  6. Great Blog! I was just exploring the Bug Under Glass website and found this!!!


  7. m'kay now I want the bunting, and the wall of course...the butterflies, and the pillow...swoon! second job here I come! happy friday Michelle!

  8. Just gorgeous! Love the theme. Thanks, Michelle, for including my yellow polka dot bunting. Have a great weekend :)

  9. you know i love that bunting, especially cause of that yummy color. i'm in a real yellow face right now. and framed bugs, love them!

  10. Heck, I don't even sew and *I* want that cute pincushion!

  11. Thank you kindly for featuring our letterpress card. What an honor! Your blog is so cute, and we are delighted to be a part of this post. Thank you!

    heather & thomas
    Letterpress Delicacies

  12. oh i love that butterfly and perfect for my daughter's room
    I love your finds that you have ~ that bunting is wonderful with that brick wall too


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