Friday Etsy Favorites *Fallish*

Happy Friday to all!  Can you believe it is September?  I love September... it is when I met Mr. Hughes and I always have warm, fuzzy feelings about it and the butterflies (not that I don't get those anymore, because I do... especially when he wears a white button down and some faded jeans.... *wink*) It is still pretty warm here, but it is defnitely starting to feel fallish.  So, that is what I decided to call my hodge podge of a collection today *Fallish*

I adore these moccasins!  aren't they incredible?
Found at Darling Tonia

And, if I am going to have cute shoes... so is my kid....

Well, there is no way that I could shove baby hughes' feet in these.... but aren't they precious?

Perfect if you want that Back to School feel at *gulp* 32 (almost)
Found at Natty Bratty

Love this warmish pillow
Found at Lodge

And, if you are into writing sonnets and such (I am not, but I still want this!)
Found at Walk the Talk

Okay, foxes are fallish, right?  And, oh so hot right now.... they won't replace the owls at my house, but I really adore this sweet letterpress card

And while we are talking cute... how about this pair of tweedy squirrels?
Found at Sleepy King

And while we are talking pears... (did I lose you...oh well)

I love this leaf in this vintage frame!  So, so pretty!
Found at Neawear

So, are you looking forward to this long weekend?  We are!  We are riding the Thomas Train tomorrow with baby hughes' bff.  Yeah, he is 2 and I decided who his bff is...
And, I am going to work on updating my etsy shop with some new designs and vintage finds.
And, I have some photos of a finished (yippee!) powder room to take.
And, I may start to work on my secretary very, very soon.
So, have a happy and safe weekend! 

Bye for now!


  1. I love ETSY so much!!!! Great things you've found!


  2. ekkks, squeals, oh my I want the shoes!!!!!!!
    happy weekend to YOU,

  3. Love the shoes...mommies and babies. lol The other stuff is great too. This mommy has a shoe fetish and has past that gene on to all my daughters. Sad for me that I still have to pay for the shoes of 4 girls and myself. lol Gotta love it..cant wait for the cool weather.

  4. Beautiful blog. I love your selections!

  5. Loving these treasures you've found! I'm longing for fall now.

  6. Oh, wow. I adore those baby shoes!! ;)

  7. Beautiful blog! I am honored to have my art included! Have a wonderful weekend! with aloha, robin

  8. *love*

    That pillow by Lodge is seriously awesome. :-)


  9. Oh Michelle...Autumn has long been my favourite season. And, Sept is when Mr. and I got together AND when we tied the knot (one of the times, that's a story right there!). And even though today was one of those GORGEOUS almost-Autumn days...I'm not feeling the love. I am craving more summer! More sunshine. More swimming. I almost can't bear the thought of what comes AFTER Autumn...dreaded, endless gray days of winter. MONTHS of winter. :(

  10. What a fantastic collection of wonders!! I love finding new things. Thank you for featuring my pillow and letting me know too! :)) You have a fabulous BLOG and I am going to add you to my list :) Warm regards,

  11. Yes, those moccasins are adorable! Great find.

  12. OH MAN! Those first shoes are GORGEOUS! I've recently done a Vintage House review and I'd love for you to have a look at it and tell me what you think.

  13. those shoes are calling my name! and those little tweedy squirrels...they're calling my kids names. so cute!

  14. Awwww thanks so much for having my little leaf on your blog!! I really appreciate it! :D

  15. Those baby shoes gave me contractions.


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