Something else to do with a coffee sack

We have been thinking about Baby Hughes' 1st birthday party since before he was born. You see, he REALLY wants to have a pirate birthday party. Ok, ok, maybe it's really that Mr. Hughes and I want to throw a pirate inspired party. We are trying not to go overboard, but we want it to be special, not just in the photos, but for all the friends and family that will be here to celebrate with Baby Hughes. We want to have it outside on our new deck. We put up a pergola and we plan to drape some white fabric so the sun isn't blinding. Plus, we figure that the fabric will kind of feel like billowing sails. You are probably asking yourself, "what does this have to do with coffee sacks." And I will tell you. I decided to make a Happy Birthday banner for the party. I originally went and bought paper in the colors that will be on his cake. Then, I got a wild hair. I had alot of black and white ticking left over from reupholstering a chair. And I had some burlap left over from when I covered the cushions of my chairs in coffee sacks. So, I made some mockups of the paper flags and the ones in burlap and ticking. Mr. Hughes chose the burlap/ ticking flags. I cut out 2 different sizes of triangles of each of the fabrics. I alternated the fabrics for contrast. Then I hot glued them together (too lazy to sew, but would have looked very cute with bright red embroidery floss stitching.) I then hot glued red cardboard letters to the flags. Then, I hot glued all of that to some oversized ricrac that I found in a drawer upstairs ( i just love finding all the stuff I need here!) And here is the finished project:

I couldn't get a good shot of the entire banner. After looking at it, it doesn't seem totally pirate, but I could probably reuse it for a cowboy party or some other kind of party. It was fun and quick, my favorite kind of project!


  1. very clever! its going to looks so cute!

  2. LOVE This!! There are so many coffe sacs on Ebay right now, and man some of them can get pricey...have a wonderful 4th Michelle!
    P.s. love the boots packaging as well, perfect for the counter! :)


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