Hungry Jack

Oh what a sad little highchair! It has been banished to our garage for nearly a year. One of those "I'll get to it later" projects. We received this highchair from my best friend who got it from a man she used to rent a house from. I really wanted a highchair that blended with our breakfast nook. So, I asked her if I could buy it from her and she graciously gave it to us. But, it has collected dust for awhile now. I decided it was time Baby Hughes started eating in a high chair rather than the Bumbo. Well, his chubby little legs made that decision for me. You see, we started having a phenomenon occur that we like to call "Bumbo Butt." We would pick Baby Hughes up after eating and the Bumbo would still be attached to him. So, as usual, I got out the black paint and painted away. It needed a strap, so I ripped off the belt from his changing table pad.... I can't imagine strapping my wild one to a changing table anyhow. I found some cute green damask ribbon and hot glued it to both sides of the belt.

Then, I decided it was still missing something. I decided to put on a little label holder that I found in the scrapbook section with the words "Hungry Jack."

So here is the "after"

Hmmmm.... It seems to be missing something still....

Now it's perfect!


  1. Completely adorable! I love it....especially the green belt! :) What a cute little one you have!


  2. Ok, I have a wood highchair painted red that I want to re-do and this totally inspires me! Yours looks awesome, love the hardware detail!

  3. Hi there! Just stumbled across your blog and started reading through it and I am so inspired, great ideas!
    I wanted to share that we have the very same highchair! It's one that my Husband used as a baby, and we use it for our 2 year old. Since I'm not sure if it's a gift...or a loan...from my mother in law, but I'm inspired to find out, yours turned out wonderful!!



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