To cover or not to cover.....

The finishing touches are being put on the kitchen tonight, so I should have some photos up this week. I am excited to mark this one off of my long list of projects. But, as soon as one gets marked off, I add another. This one would be simple, but is it necessary? My dining room is the first room we finished in the house. I had a plan for it before we even closed on the house. It is also the first room you see, besides the foyer, when you step into the house. It was decorated around the painting of Audrey that Mr. Hughes presented me on my birthday. We really like this room and how it evolved. Each piece seems to have a story behind it. We found the chandelier on Craig's List... we went to a very questionable area to get it. It was a beast to hang. Mr. Hughes almost threw it out into the street he got so frustrated. And, as soon as it was hung, he went to straighten one of the arms, which immediately broke. We fixed it after several tries involving solder, epoxy, etc. Our dining room table was purchased from a short lived local boutique. I fell in love with it immediately. We paid cash for it that day and received a significant discount. We didn't have enough money to buy the chairs that were $160 each then... we were planning and paying for our wedding. Well, after our honeymoon and move, we had some extra wedding cash. We went to the store only to find that they went out of business and had a liquidation sale. Mr. Hughes called the number and told the lawyer handling the case (?????) that he would purchase the chairs if there were any left over. The lawyer didn't want to arrange for storage and there happened to be 8 left over. He asked Mr. Hughes if he felt that $35 each was a fair price. Hmmmmmm, yes we will take all of them!!! We only needed 6, but we figured if one ever broke or we needed to squeeze 2 more people in, we could use them. Now, I am wondering (I know, I know, I got a little sidetracked) if the dining room would look brighter if I slipcovered and added a cushion under the chairs, at least for a summery look. What do you think? I had been wanting to make them cozier, and I had nearly put it to the back of my mind until I saw this:

I got the image off of a lovely blog.
Let me know what you think!

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  1. I have slipcovers on my dining chairs and simply LOVE the look.



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