Shopping at Home

It is amazing what you can put together by just shopping at home. And I don't mean from your laptop. I went out into our garage to find some lonely items that we had been excited about when we found them for a "deal" and then sadly banished them to the garage. So, I pulled some stuff together to make a nice little spot on our new deck. I only bought some plants to fill in the urn and tray.

I painted the chairs and table with a can of creamy white paint that was originally purchased as a test can for the kitchen cabinets. I covered the cushions to the chairs in some extra coffee sacks. I covered them in a lined drop cloth before I stapled the sacks to them to keep the moisture from soaking the cushions. I intentionally put the text from the bags going in different directions to give it a little more interest. I stole some bottles from the dining room. I love the 2 that look like seaglass and the other has sand and shells from our honeymoon in St. Martin. The urn was a great find from a local antique store.

I hot glued some jute twine to the backs of the stars and hung them in front of the window. (I borrowed this idea from someone else's blog and now I can't remember where, if you know, please comment and remind me!) I left the strings long for now... I really like the look, but I will probably trim them because it seems contrary to the babyproofing that we are doing around the rest of the house.
One of my favorite parts to this vignette is how the tray fits perfectly under the table on top of the bracing... like they were made for each other! I love trays! I was surprised when Mr. Hughes didn't give me a hard time about it. I went through a tray phase for awhile.

Well, I still hope to finish those corbels and get some long overdue kitchen photos up this week. I only completed this because I got off work a half hour early and Baby Hughes took a late nap. So, it was a little creative instant gratification!


  1. Hey Michelle! LOVE the transformation! Love table, love the chairs, love everything! :)


  2. Oh, this is simply gorgeous. Is it OK if I link to this post? I'd love to share :)


  3. Lovely is truly amazing what a little paint and creativity can do...fantastic job!!
    Nerina :)

  4. glad to see you are back at blogging, great job on the garage finds.

  5. What a wonderful little resting spot! Love it and your blog :)

  6. oh my goodness~ I love everything you have done here. So serene and beautiful!

  7. Looks awesome! So inspiring!

  8. Was the blog "Just Beachy"? She just did something similar with starfish on her patio umbrella...your vintage revival is beautiful!

  9. I LOVE the burlap chairpad idea soooo much, I have featured them! :)


  10. I bet that makes for a really nice welcoming effect to the front porch! Pam


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