Out and About

We have been out looking and planning for our backyard. Don't you just love the garden chandelier? It's mine... I actually had the saleslady tell me that she was jealous it was going home with me. I looked and looked, but all the other garden chandeliers were really curly and wimpy. This is the perfect scale above our chunky table. The deck is up, minus the rails. The pergola is up, minus the brackets. And the table is built, but not painted. Sounds like our projects, huh? This weekend we are planting trees and landscaping the backyard. I can't wait to put all of the things that we have found We have lots of urns and pots that are weathered already. We have a European wall sink that we are going to put an vintage French faucet on and a zinc shield that we found a couple of weeks ago at Scarlett Scales' Brimfield sale. And, speaking of Scarlett, how about these great vintage corbels that she brought back. Aren't they wonderful? I couldn't find a home for them, but Mr. Hughes couldn't leave without taking a photo.


  1. I love your chandelier! It amazes me how many projects y'all seem to get done.

  2. I LOVE Scarlett Scales shop. Everything is styled so beautifully...evocative. Hope to hit it soon...like maybe this weekend.


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