Broke into the Old Apartment

Well, not really. I was on my way to work and was listening to Barenaked Ladies. I started thinking about all the old apartments that I had. By far, my favorite was the one in Nashville just off of West End. It was built in the 1920s and it had so much character. I had a one bedroom that I shared with my beloved doggie. It was close to the park and downtown and was just what I needed at that point in my life. It had its drawbacks, mainly it was unbearably hot in the winter. It had radiator heating that was only hooked up in 2 rooms. I had to either open my windows or run both window units all winter long. And, there was no outlet in the bathroom, so I had to dry my hair and style it in my bedroom. But, it had hardwood floors and tons of charm and I loved it. Actually, I have these photos because the apartment manager came by my apartment to check out a repair. She called the next day to say she wanted to feature my apartment in advertisements. I didn't receive any compensation (hello? I should have held out for a month's free rent!) but I was flattered that they chose me. They may still even use the photos, I haven't looked it up in years. Looking back on these photos, I am amazed of how my style has evolved and my tastes have changed. Is there a favorite place you lived when you were single? Has your style changed? Is there anything from your single days that you can't get rid of?

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  1. Love, love that white kitchen! Way back in the day my hubby and I were very blessed to receive hand-me-downs from our families. For many years we had a hodge podge! Makes me laugh to think back on it. We still have many pieces of furniture that we have re-purposed or painted to update.



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