Boots at Target

I am a sucker for a pretty package. Last week while running to Target for essentials, I saw this line called Boots. Now that I looked it up on the Target site, it seems that they have been around for awhile. How could I have missed the great vintage look packaging? I think I may have to experiment with this line. I love leaving pretty things out on counters. I also like to have pretty things in drawers, just for me. Like a cute lining on a jacket or coat... it is just for you. And that is what makes it special. Sometimes if it is grey or rainy, you can think about that special lining that only you know about. So, I am wondering if this line is really good or is it just the jar? Because there isn't much better than a pretty package with pretty insides!


  1. I am totally taken in by packaging but, hey, who cares. If it looks nice we are still getting something out of it. I bet they look lovely and it is probably doing something good for you !!!! XXXX

  2. I love that you do things just for yourself and to make you smile!! When you are happy, the whole world is happy!! Sweet packaging, I can see how you were taken in.
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  3. ooh yeah, love the packaging, mmm mmmm, I've gonna look out for that at Target, I'm into b/w at the moment...oh and do u think it makes wrinkly skin vanish?!!


  4. I love their packaging--I want to get a whole bunch of their stuff for a gift basket of sorts for the guest bathroom. :)

  5. Great packaging... I am going to Target today, I will have to take a peek. Love your blog!! I am a junk girl too! Janna


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