More Numbers

I love numbers, as I am sure many of you do. So, when I put in "number" in the etsy search box I found this treasure:

They are vintage cow tags. These are the tags that go on the ears before they go to auction. Kinda morbid, I realize, but aren't they great? I believe these were unused, so maybe the cows got away. (I have a small preoccupation with some cows near our home. I am certain they are dairy cows, while Mr. Hughes assures me that they are beef.) Well, I couldn't order these fast enough and was so happy to get these. Think of all the incredible things these sweet tags can embellish. You could nail them to drawers or key racks. Tie them to baskets. Use them on a coat rack. The possibilities are endless. Me? Well, I used 6 of my tags to make napkin rings for my new tuxedo ruffle napkins from shoestring home. I just tied black and white gingham ribbon around them in a bow. If you HAVE to have these numbers, you can get them from salvagenation.
Check out her other stuff too, she has other metal numbers. But, don't order all of them. I just realized I need more!


  1. these are faaaaaabulous! I think I might have to hunt some down too! :)

    Susan @

  2. Mmmm....these are absolutely fabulous! As, you know, I share your love of numbers...and use them whenever I can. Have a great weekend!


  3. Totally stole your idea! :)


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