Weekend treasures

Weekends in themselves are treasures to me since I get to spend them with Baby Hughes and Mr. Hughes. This weekend we went to my hometown and went to a few antique stores while visiting Nana and Aunt Ashley. Yes, I am one of those mom's who takes her child with her. Baby Hughes has been going with us since he was about a month old. He has always been very well behaved and we don't go for the whole day. Just in and out (that is how I like to antique anyhow!) He is very social and inquisitive, I actually think he enjoys it right now. Next year, that will be another story. It is always fun to go to new stores or stores that we haven't been to in months. The stores in our area get stale quickly. We had alot of luck in the first store. Great prices, air conditioned and not crowded. Plus, we found lots of treasures. Like,

this great vintage flour sack. I looked around for grain sacks, but they didn't have any. Her flour sacks were $1 or $2 each. I have seen them for much, much more at other places.

I found these great linens with a taupy grey trim.

I also found this oval frame, no need to paint this. I love oval frames. They always seem to be priced higher than others. The pretty aqua towel is the softest linen. I think I may put this on the front of a pillow.

I got these old tin loaf pans that have such a great patina. I found a few more flour sacks that were towels. As always, I found a few pieces of ironstone with a great patina. The ironstone in my old hometown seemed very pricy. And, probably the coolest (or strangest depending on your perspective) that I found was this bleached turtle shell. It has found a home in my conservatory. I also found a really narrow mirror that I think came off of an old buffet table. It needed to have some screws removed before it came in the house. Well, I am going to enjoy Baby Jack now that he is awake again. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Great finds, friend! I'm pleased to say that "I'm one of those moms too"! She goes everywhere with us. :)

  2. I LOVE the turtle shell!!! That is such a rare find! And, oh my goodness, PLEASE post pics of your conservatory!!! Sounds so fun! (Plus, it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies and boardgame, "Clue!") chuckle...


  3. What great treasures you found. I love the turtle shell, it is so unique. Love your blog..
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Kristen,
    I'll do you one better on the conservatory, my husband has a blog with instructions how to make it (it isn't a room like in CLUE ;)Boy, I wish it was! I love that game too!! I am ruthless playing it!!!) I will take a photo of how it looks now and post later, but this is how it looked right after he made it. http://theupcycler.blogspot.com/2009/04/picture-frame-terrarium-mini.html


  5. Love all your chippy finds, you hit the jackpot ! Tootles, Janna

  6. Wonderful junk! Love it all! We are kindred spirits...I have a bleached turtle shell too! What are the odds! Love your pics!


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