Creating a Chalkboard for a Lonely Spot

Isn't this great? I was looking at seejanework and I found this great removable chalkboard. Removable sounds like the best part. But, the design maybe not quite what I was looking for. You see, I think this area in my kitchen needs love.

It used to be home to my beloved doggie's bowls. But, sadly, it is now bare. So I was thinking that I could encourage Baby Hughes' creativity from the very start and paint a chalkboard there. What do you think, those of you that have chalkboard paint on the walls? Is it a dusty mess all of the time? I have even thought about buying the magnetic paint to paint on first and make some cool magnets for him to play with too, but that paint is a little pricy for such a small project. And, I was thinking, if I am going to paint it, why not do it in this brackety design?

So what do you think? I am not usually this indecisive. I know it is just paint, but I just painted those cabinets. Still, it needs something.....

PS. In unrelated news, look what else I found on seejanework. Wouldn't these be the best wedding gift? Even though I am not a newlywed anymore, I may have to get these for our luggage.


  1. I have one of these chalkboards & I love it !
    But I agree with you - it don't look like it fits your space. I've found some on etsy almost exactly like you are wanting to paint.
    Check them out!

  2. Hello - I love it! I think you should try it. However, I'm a huge lover of chalkboards, so I would put one anywhere! I'm getting ready to paint the front of my pantry door with chalkboard paint. Can't wait.


  3. Well, I will have the same dilemma on my island once I get some paint on the cabs...

    I had the very same concerns about the chalk--knowing that the almost-3-year-old would probably think the entire cabinet was her chalkboard! ;)

    I had thought about adding some wainscoting or woodwork for the cottage-y feel--

    Please let us know what you decide!

  4. I love the idea of chalk paint! And that shape is awesome :) Could you do magnet paint around the shape to frame it off? I think the magnets would get old quick if you only did that.


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