What are you doing over here all by yourself...

You think my pick up line is lame?  Hmm... seems to work for baby hughes with all the little girls at church.  I guess we are way past the pick up lines by now. Has it been a year already?  Hard to believe.  I am glad you are here.  I always am.  I have to be honest though.... you have looked better.  You sort of look like August and let's be honest.... she is a bit intense.  I mean, look at how she left the place... a mess with baby hughes sick.  Just like her.  But, you... you are laid back, yet you always keep me surprised.  Are you still upset that I flirted around with Spring and Summer?  You have nothing to worry about.  You and I both know that nothing can replace you in my heart.  You are only here for 30 short days every year, but each year you bring the best of things.  Remember that one year when you brought Mr. Hughes with you?  That was the best.  We have the best time together... remember those picnics and driving with the windows down?  So, what do you want to do while you are here... I know, I know... I planned something in the middle of the month, but we can work around that.  The whole month is ahead of us... we can do anything... picnics...cookouts.... I may even be able to arrange a little road trip, just the 2 of us.  Who am I kidding... the baby and the Mr. will want to tag along.  It is okay though.  They are our kind of people.  You bring the crisp nights and the jackets and I will try to not to plan so many projects and just enjoy you while you are here.  Look, I even painted my toes a pretty grey to celebrate your coming. Okay, let me try to clean up this mess that August left here and you get to work on the cooler temps and let's meet back here for a great September cookout, okay?

Yours Always,

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