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Hello all!  One of the things that I always wanted to do for as long as I can remember is name colors.  I even entered a Crayola crayon naming contest when they introduced the "new" colors back in the 90s... maybe the 80s... Anyhow, I find color inspiration everywhere and I am constantly drawn to certain shades.  I am not a red girl at all, but blues and greens... Yes please!  Oh yeah... I also like greys *wink*

I gathered together some of the things I collect... mostly old... well, all old except for the sweater.  And, I only wish I collected JCrew cashmere *wink*  Stained ironstone, tweed suitcases, mercury glass, vintage maps, Portuguese aqua flower pots, and silver with a rich patina inspired my very own color collection.

At first, the idea was to use these shield shapes as a way to show my custom painting clients a sample of my finishes in case I didn't have a piece here to share with them.  Plus, they are fairly portable.  The shield shapes are actually antler mounts.... so not into antlers...

Then, once day, I was picking out swatches to give a client for a bed that I was to paint for her and I realized, that paper swatch didn't look like what the finish was going to look like... it was a different sheen, it was on paper, not wood, and it wasn't distressed at all.  So, I played around with a few wooden tags that we had and my custom swatches were born.

Then I needed to have a tasteful way to let visitors to my booths know that I offered custom painting services.  I found a few old cabinet doors that Mr. Hughes picked up to paint signs on and painted them a grey from my Mother Dough and silver leafed that great raised detail.

Mr. Hughes helped put it all together... and came up with the genius business card holder.  I am really pleased with the way it looks. I named my most often used colors after my favorite things.  I didn't have my Mora clock in the suitcase photo since it is tethered to the wall to keep a certain little man from knocking it over.

I may be no Martha, but now, Vintage Junky has its own color line!  Obviously, I will paint a piece any color for my clients... they aren't limited to these colors.  This was just a fun way for me to put it all together.  I am thinking I may add a few more in the future or change them out for seasons or whatever inspires me at the time.  

Okay, back to work... it is nap time!

bye for now!

almost forgot.... I got my vinyl decals from Leen the Graphics Queen.  She was the second person I worked with... the first was less than satisfactory.  She got me just what I needed promptly.  


  1. Love Vintage Map! That's a fantastic color! They're all pretty much awesome. We must like the same color palette because each one had me at first sight. Great idea too!

  2. Love your color palette displayed on the old cabinet door! Your Mr. Hughes is a mighty handy fella to have around!

  3. I love those colors too. You are so clever...such an attractive display!

  4. Love it. Most of my house looks like tweed suitcase!!!!
    I need you to come paint the playroom and our master. Please?

  5. I think this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! Love makes me want to pick out a color so you can paint something for me. Have fun at the show!

  6. I want your colors in my house. seriously how do I get them??


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