Friday Etsy Favorites *Comfy*

Are you shocked?  It has been so long since I have posted a Friday Favorites.  I have neglected this little series.  And who knows, it may be months before you see another one, but the beginning of September has me inspired.  I tried to think of a proper description of all the items that have been lurking in my favorites and what I came up with is *Comfy*

Perfect scarf for the beginning of the chill... not too bulky

Perfect for your (hot) poison... a mug with a Mr. Darcy quote
found~ brookish

I am terrible about washing my makeup off my face at night... maybe if I had some of these I would be better

This painting... says home and comfy to me.  I adore the colors

Random fact: I used to HAVE to wear socks to bed.  I got pregnant and now I never wear socks.  Maybe these could turn me back around
found~ heyfreddie
These counting sheep pillowcases are adorable!  I love them!!

And, who doesn't love a hoodie to feel all comfy and cozy?

So, there are my essentials for the beginning of fall.  Oh, and let's get the temps in the mid 70s during the day as well.  I think I hear the hyena waking up and I haven't gotten anything done on my list.  Oh well! I guess it will have to wait until naptime!
have a lovely weekend!

bye for now!


  1. Comfy is right.

    Thank you! I'm glad you like the socks.

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for featuring my scarf! All your picks are lovely, definitely makes me look forward to the chillier weather :o)

    - Ana

  3. love the mug. and i do wear socks to bed. i have to.

  4. thanks for the nice words about our pillowcases! we love comfy.


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