Excited {insert scream}

Hello all!  We start all the Bella Rustica fun-osity tomorrow!!  AHHHHHH!  Hopefully, if I scream through type I won't actually scream while I am there.  That could be embarrassing.  I think this is my favorite thing, getting it all together and setting up a booth.  Except this time, I will stick around for two days in our booth, instead of leaving tired in desperate need of coffee.  I will be there!  To see people and talk to them and show off my newly acquired under eye circles.  When did this start to happen... maybe at 31?  Who knows... baby hughes is 3 and he has them when he wakes after too short a sleep.
Oh, and since I have been giving you some sneak peaks of the other vintage stuff I am bringing, how about a peek at the largest vintage item we are hauling?

Who got a sassy yellow stripe and her name emblazoned on her?  Sorry though, she NFS (in case any of you don't regularly go antiquing, that means, "not for sale" and is usually on the best thing you have ever found.  I am guilty of having one or two of those items as well.. maybe not the "best thing" part, but the NFS part.)   Mr. Hughes is selling posters from her.  She can't just stand there and look cute... she needs to work!! We didn't do everything we wanted to her before her debut, but she really didn't need much to begin with... it is easy when you start off cute!

On a totally random and unrelated note, I had a dream last night that Mr. Hughes set up a yard sale to run while we were at the show just because our neighbors were having one.  And, I was pretty upset to see all my laptop cases in the yard sale (I only really have one.) There were like 8.  And, they all had some form of piano keys on them... like they would be floral and there would be piano keys in the corner.  What could this possibly mean?  No, you know what?  I don't want to know.

Okay, back to pricing and finishing up the last.few.things.  Mainly buying some stuff to bribe my hyena to behave.  He will be there too... probably trying to give you a rock or telling you exactly what a piece of machinery is.  
One last scream: AHHHHHHHHH!

bye for now!

ps.  I know I have been a terrible blog visitor lately.  I will visit when we are finished.
pps.  I also know that I promised to list these posters on etsy for a few of you.  I haven't forgotten.  I will. Pinky promise.


  1. Fantastic!! I will finally meet you in Saturday! :)

  2. my best junkin buddy and i will be there!!! we are so excited that franklin is having its very own barn sale. whoo hoo! your trailer is adorable.

  3. that's my fave part to...setting up the booth! have a great time...Hazel is just too cute!!
    BTW, i know you are super busy, but please do link up your etsy shop to my Shopping Therapy Thursday shop link party sometime...there's around 100 shops that link up usually and it's fun to check out the other shops and get a little exposure for yourself too. love your shop!

  4. Hazel is looking adorable! I sure wish I lived nearby so that I could visit your booth and all of your treasures. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Have fun!

  5. goo luck on your sale!! Can't wait to see pics of Hazel!!

  6. How exciting! I am sure you and the Mr. will have a blast (and be exhausted!). Cant wait to hear all about Hazel's BIG debut :) Sooo cool!

  7. Hazel is looking adorable! I sure wish I lived nearby so that I could visit your booth and all of your treasures. Can't wait to hear all about it! Enjoyed in my first visit.


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