Hello all!  It is a rainy, rainy day.  I have quite a few things to show you, but it is so dim in here (and I am with messing around with the camera.  Impatience some may call it.) Anyhow, I haven't taken any photos of finished projects.  But, don't worry... I will share some more Barn Show sneak peeks very soon.  You may remember that Mr. Hughes designed some posters for Bella Rustica that he is selling out of sweet Hazel.  Well, the other day, one of us was talking about vintage propaganda... and then on another phone call, I mentioned "Save the World. Buy Vintage." and low and behold, our very own propaganda campaign was born.  

I am a bit young to remember true propaganda campaigns on television and during movie previews, but I love the look of them.  Those really jumpy Super 8 videos are awesome!  Look for our very own video sometime in the future.  In fact, if any of you in the middle Tennessee area have a Super 8 camera that you would like to rent us, let me know.  I really think our slogan is catchy... along the lines of "Only YOU can prevent forest fires."  He is going to have some of these posters printed as well for Bella Rustica.  ***edited: the posters are now available in my etsy shop.

Now, I must get out in this rain, towing a recovering baby hughes with me.  Apparently during one of my cleaning sprees I have thrown out all but 2 of his socks... and they don't match.  Plus, he needs non flip flip shoes.  The kid hasn't had his toes covered since Easter.

bye for now!


  1. such a cute picture! would it be availbe to purchase online or downloadable for personal use? I'd love a copy of it!
    ~ Erin
    (Blogger won't let me log on through gmail so you can see my name.)

  2. I am loving that poster! You guys are so smart!

  3. Erin, I hope you see this! I will have them here by the end of this week and I can list one on etsy for you. I believe they will be 11x14. email me with your email at michelle at vintagejunky dot com and I can let you know when they are available.

  4. Hi Michelle, came across the poster and would love one for our shop in Cincy - any way to get it personalized with our shop name on it? You can contact me at


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