Sneak Peeks- Barn Show

Hello all!  Life has a way of making you slow down when you least need to go slowly.  The bambino is sick.  And, when he is sick, he rarely let's me move more than a foot away from him.  So, I am sofa bound watching Mighty Machines.  I did manage to get a few sneak peek shots of some things that are coming with us to the Barn Show.  I can't wait!  We are going to have so much fun!  If I can just not catch this cold, everything will be just fine.  So, here are a few teasers:

Just as soon as this little one nods off, I am going to get to work painting some custom jobs and a few pieces for the show and the booths... I just hope my brush can move faster than this cold!

bye for now!


  1. Oh poor little sick one! I know just how you feel, my little one used to do the same thing, still does sometimes.
    The show sounds like a blast, I wish I could be there to do some shopping!

  2. I'm loving what I see!! Your sale is going to be a huge success!!!!
    Hope your little guy feels better soon!!!

  3. It seems everyone is sick. I was in the ER all night with my daughter. Pieces are looking good. I hope this barn show is successful for you.

  4. I plan on coming to the show as a shopper! Hope we get to meet!

  5. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Is that a buffet?? The colors and the details are swoon worthy!

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Fun!! I am driving to Memphis on the 15th to take my Dad to the airport. Maybe I should just adjust my work schedule and drive on to Nashville and go to this barn show!! Such fun!! me something to think about...

  7. Looks fun - good luck! Hope the baby feels better soon!


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